Queer Women Aren’t Happy With Straight Women’s Ruby Rose Fascination

Ever since Ruby Rose made her on-screen debut in the third season of Orange Is The New Black as Stella Carlin, the Australian has found herself inundated with a bevy of new fans.

The openly gay model/actress has been drawing praise for her astonishing looks from men, queer women, and straight women of all ages. But some queer women have taken umbrage with the response of straight women to Ruby Rose.

You check out some of the posts from straight women regarding Ruby Rose below.

But now, queer women have looked to remind straight women that simply finding another gal attractive doesn’t mean that you’re now immediately homosexual.

Ruby Rose actually came out as lesbian when she was 12-years-old, and she faced several years of being bullied because of this announcement. This even led to her being hospitalized at 16.

However, she has since used her own plight to aid others, and not only has she spoken at length about gender fluidity, she is also an ambassador for Headspace, a mindfulness app, and she campaigns for mental health. Ruby Rose is currently engaged to Phoebe Dahl.

[Photo by Caroline McCredie / Getty Images]