Woman’s Incredible Survival: Karen Brown Should Not Be Alive Today

A woman is thanking her lucky stars today. After surviving an incredible car accident with only a cut on her finger, Karen Brown should not be alive.

Anyone looking at the photos of this accident wouldn’t think anyone inside that car survived being crushed by a truck. However, rescue workers were shocked to find the 36-year-old woman not only alive, but barely injured.

Now, people are calling this woman’s incredible survival a miracle. It all happened when Brown was driving her Ford Fiesta in South Africa, not imagining she would soon narrowly escape certain death. According to Rach Feed, she was making a left turn at an intersection when, out of the blue, a large truck, whose driver ran a red light, slammed into her car.

The crash was so severe that the truck rolled on top of the small car, trapping Brown inside. The Fiesta ended up in a mangled mess and anyone looking at the photos from the accident would think there were no survivors.

The photos show the truck resting completely on top of the front part of the vehicle, where Brown was sitting in the driver seat. One of the photos is truly chilling, showing the woman’s body while trapped in the car.

According to IJ Review, rescue workers spent hours trying to extract Brown from the vehicle, but were successful and shocked to find out the woman had incredibly survived with minor injuries.

Brown, a born-again Christian, said that she was never afraid because “Jesus held (her) all the time.” However, the woman who miraculously survived this accident didn’t realize the magnitude of the wreck until she saw photos of the crash.

Karen Brown survives incredible accident
Karen Brown, 36, survives incredible accident (Image via Facebook)
Karen Brown accident
Karen Brown, 36, survives incredible accident with only minor injuries (Image via Facebook)

Now, the story of this woman’s incredible survival has gone viral. The photos posted to Facebook by Elaine Ponto Do Ouro have received thousands of likes, and even more users are sharing the miraculous story with their own followers.

[Image via Facebook]