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WWE News: WWE Planning For WWE Diva Nikki Bella To Break AJ Lee’s WWE Diva’s Title Record

WWE Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella has made quite a mark on the Diva’s Division since becoming champion late last year. The Bella Twins have always been one of the top acts for the divas, whether deserved or not. When Nikki won the championship, most assumed it would be dropped at the start of the year or by WrestleMania. Sadly, she has held onto it. However, it seemed to be for good reason.

WWE only had Paige and Naomi as challengers worthy of the title. Paige already won two in 2014, so it made sense to have Nikki hold onto it for a while. At least until a WWE NXT diva came up to challenge her and take it. This has not happened yet, and now WWE is using “twin magic” again, despite the fact that the Bellas look completely different. There was even a stupid situation at Money in the Bank in which Nikki should have been DQed and the ref allowed the match to continue, causing Paige to lose.

The storyline at this point is, who can stop the Bella Twins? More specifically, who can take the WWE Diva’s Championship from Nikki Bella?

AJ Nikki

According to Cageside Seats, WWE is planning for Nikki Bella to break former Diva AJ Lee’s record for longest run with the championship. Unless injuries or something similar come up, we will probably see Nikki hold onto the title for a lot longer.

AJ Lee’s record reign was 295 days. Nikki Bella, as it stands today, has held the title for 205 days. She now has the second longest reign, while she has a number of months left to beat AJ Lee’s record.

This means Nikki Bella will have to hold onto the title until mid-September before she can lose it. She can then lose it at any time. That means that if an NXT Diva is set to beat her for it, they may very well have the Diva debut around the end of the summer, and then take the title by October.

Many wonder why WWE would even consider allowing Nikki Bella to hold onto the WWE Diva’s Championship for so long. If the John Cena relationship isn’t enough for people, WWE Total Divas and her popularity within management should suffice. Many believe that WWE wants to stick it to AJ Lee for leaving, but since WWE would love to have her back, that is most likely not the case.

[IMG Credit:, Cageside Seats]