Nicole Kidman Regrets Not Kissing A Girl, Doesn't Regret Divorce Rumors

Nicole Kidman Regrets Not Kissing A Girl, Doesn’t Regret Divorce Rumors

Is Nicole Kidman gay, bisexual, or a lesbian? One of the things that Nicole Kidman regrets happens to be missing the opportunity to kiss another woman on film. When Kidman opened up about this wish, Naomi Watts was more than happy to help her out, but this admission came out just as divorce rumors started circulating again, with the claim being that her husband, Keith Urban, is not very happy.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a flight attendants union attacked actress Nicole Kidman for her role in an Etihad Airways ad, saying that she was promoting a Persian gulf airline that is allegedly unfair to female employees. The company responded to the controversy by defending Kidman and claiming that they would not fire pregnant women.

One of the few things that Nicole Kidman regrets was turning down a role as a young actress. Jane Campion had offered her a part that required her to wear a shower cap and kiss and girl, but at that point in her life, Kidman’s dreams as an actress envisioned having long, flowing hair and kissing boys, not other women.

According to the Associated Press, when she accepted a trophy at Women in Film’s Crystal + Lucy Awards, Nicole explained how should would never let her regrets hold her down again. Kidman is urging women to “take risks, raise our voices, and honor the fire within.” In order to prove her point, Nicole whipped out a shower cap from her purse and declared she was ready to kiss any woman in the room. Naomi Watts, who happens to be a longtime friend, assisted with this desire, although it was obviously done in a joking fashion.

Nicole Kidman’s divorce rumors are no joking matter, but unfortunately, they continue to spread. It was claimed their jobs and work commitments was putting a strain on their marriage.

“They are at the end of their rope with all of the bickering and bitterness. Each of them feels like the other doesn’t understand, or isn’t willing to fight for their relationship anymore. And friends fear its just a matter of time before they call it quits for good.”

The good news is that divorce will probably not be one of Nicole Kidman’s regrets. Gossip Cop claims OK Magazine “has been running bogus tabloid stories about Urban and Kidman allegedly having problems.” In addition, when the married couple was seen at the CMT Music Awards, Enstarz described them as being “extremely affectionate and flirty with one another on the event’s red carpet.”

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