Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Headed Towards Divorce? Sources Claim ‘The Marriage Is In Trouble’

Despite the rumors that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are on the verge of filing for divorce, the two appear to be putting on a united front, being photographed together multiple times. The Hollywood stars were recently spotted at several locations in Los Angeles, including a farmer’s market where they were joined by their entire family.

Sources who spoke to US Weekly claim that the pictures are just to take the heat off and in fact the couple is in major trouble. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” one insider shares in the new issue. “The marriage is in trouble.”

Among the problems, according to the insider are Affleck’s “workaholic” nature and “many vices.” Lastly the source notes that is their children that are holding them together.

Recent photos from the Daily Mail show Affleck and Garner with their three children perusing through the market in the Palisades district of Los Angeles over the weekend. The photos show Affleck taking care of the kids with Garner examining the local produce, and they all seem to be enjoying their time together. The images contradict the break up reports and indicate that the couple are nowhere near a divorce.

The news that the two were destined for a break up was first reported by OK Magazine a few months back. The reports asserted that the two stars would announce their split just before their 10th anniversary, which is set to occur later in June.

However, the recent photos fly in the face of those reports and show a relaxed family out for a weekend trip to the market. Furthermore, to add to the idea that the family is united, the couple was also spotted last week out and about shopping for toys.

Although the rumors of a split may have surfaced during Ben Affleck’s 2013 speech at the Oscars – in which he called his relationship with Garner “work” – Garner recently revealed that she is happy that her husband’s career continues to take off.

“Ben is super busy and I’m super happy for him,” Garner stated. “I chose to stay home this year and just said, ‘Go for it babe. Do it all. Do Gone Girl, do Batman, do The Accountant. Do everything.’ I want that for him and I’m happy for him. And he says the same to me. Except that he’s really busy. But he understands that when I really have to do it, we figure it out.”

Garner also told Us Weekly that everyone in the family is super excited for Ben Affleck’s upcoming role as Batman. “We definitely have been drinking the Batman Kool-Aid at our house,” Garner revealed. “Yeah, we have one in particular who is pretty excited.”

[Photo Courtesy: Jason Merritt for Getty Images]