Bookmakers in England name Damien Lewis as next Bond

Damian Lewis A Shoe-In For The Next James Bond? Not So Fast — There Are Other Contenders

Forget about the presidential election, we have more important matters to attend to. Namely, who’ll be our next James Bond when Daniel Craig bows out after Spectre? Everyone seemed to think Idris Elba would be our man, but now English bookmakers have named another contender — Damien Lewis.

Lewis plays Nicholas Brody on Homeland. You may also recognize his face from Band of Brothers. But American audiences may soon become a whole lot more familiar with Damien, as his name has been thrown in the pot to play 007, with odds in his favor 3 to 1.

Damien Lewis has “thrown a huge spanner in the works” with such fantastic odds, nestling the actor right in behind the favorite, and until now apparent shoe-in, Idris Elba of Marvel fame, Pacific Rim, Prometheus, and Mandela, E! Online reported.

Whether it’s him or Damien Lewis, what’s definitely for certain is Daniel Craig — the man who essentially reinvented the character and brought a new element of vulnerability and grit to the films — may very well be retiring.

“The gamble has stirred up the market and shaken our belief that Daniel Craig will return as 007,” Rupert Adams, the spokesman with one bookmaker, William Hill, told the Daily Mirror.

And those are big shoes to fill, Damien.

Lewis joked that he’d neatly fit in with new revelations made about the character in Skyfall — namely, his Scottish heritage — joking that it “paved the way perfectly for a red-headed Bond,” the Express added. Damien is a natural ginger.

The actor may also have his foot in the door — Lewis narrated the audiobook for Ian Fleming’s Diamonds are Forever, and producer Barbara Broccoli loves Damien, the Telegraph added.

But there’s more to the character than just hair color. The folks who are speculating on the next 007 are the same folks who like to make bets on royal baby names and which actor will play Doctor Who next, USA Today reported. As far as anyone can tell, these bets are simply being made out of pure fun.

And since this is just pure fun, there’s no harm in naming the James Bond of our fantasies. USA Today listed some of their favorites and their odds.

Michael Fassbender (7 to 1) — Though he has the style, polish, and acting chops to pull it off, there’s something vaguely sleazy and sinister about him. Perhaps a villain, instead?

Bond-Michael Fassbender2

Henry Cavill (5 to1) — He has one requirement down pat: Sex appeal. But being Superman comes with plenty of responsibilities, and demands on your personal time.

Bond- Henry Cavill2

Tom Hardy (4 to 1) — He’s a strong enough actor to carry the role, and defer some of the stage to a kick-butt Bond girl.

Bond-Tom Hardy2

Damian Lewis (3 to 1) — He’s already shown what he can do on Homeland, but is the world ready for a red-headed 007?

Bookmakers in England name Damien Lewis as next Bond
Could Damien Lewis be the next Bond?

Idris Elba (5 to 2) — “He’s Idris freaking Elba.”

Bond-Idris Elba2

Somewhere on this list, though without specific odds, is James McAvoy, who acted alongside Fassbender in X-Men. But there’s something a little too tender and sweet about McAvoy to make him a believable super spy with nerves of steel.

Bond-James McAvoy2

What do you think? Can you get on board with Damien Lewis? Any other suggestions?

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