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WWE News: Finn Balor’s Main Roster Call Up Now Delayed Indefinitely, What Is The Reason Behind it?

WWE NXT star Finn Balor has had an amazing run in WWE so far. He came into the WWE in late 2014 and made an impact immediately. His entrance and “war paint” are considered massive successes thus far. His wrestling ability and mic work are tremendous as well. Additionally, he has a great look that corporate can get behind. This makes him the WWE Superstar everyone can want and love to see.

Many have wondered when he would hit the main roster. For some time, it was planned that he would be up by the end of the summer. However, that does not seem to be the case now. Cageside Seats claims that the Finn Balor call up has been “delayed indefinitely.” It very well could not happen until next year.

The reason behind it is as you might be thinking… injuries. WWE needs Balor to stay down in NXT due to the major losses they have had. Sami Zayn was always set to be called up the moment he fought Cena for the WWE United States Championship. When he got hurt, Kevin Owens got the nod to come up and take his place. He has done quite well since the call up. While he is still linked with WWE NXT for now, that is set to change in a few weeks.

Hideo Itami getting hurt is what really, well, hurt things. WWE had plans for him to be the one to take the NXT Championship from Kevin Owens, however when he got hurt those plans then shifted to another. Now that Owens is on the main roster, he will need to drop the championship to someone. He is set to do just that in a few weeks when he faces Finn Balor in Japan.

While Samoa Joe is still with NXT and will also be there a while, there is a shot that they turn Balor heel to help take over Owens’ role. So we very well could see a lot of Balor/Joe matches this year.

It makes sense for Finn Balor to stay with WWE NXT. Plus there is no rush to come up anymore due to the growing popularity of NXT. At this point, people can revitalize their careers there as well as start them. There is never a better time to be there than now and it has gotten the world’s attention. So much so that people who once never wanted to come to WWE are now claiming they would love to at least do something with NXT. That says a lot. So while Balor won’t be up any time soon, we can still enjoy him on a great show every week.

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