Man Stabs Girlfriend To Death, Stands Over Her Body And Leaves Knife In Horrible Location

Man Stabs Girlfriend To Death, Stands Over Her Body And Leaves Knife In Horrible Location

Brandon Hoar, a reportedly peaceful man, snapped and stabbed his long-time girlfriend to death. Police reports that Hoar watched her die. What about the knife?

Brandon’s girlfriend, Cheryl Young, was killed while her granddaughter was in the house. Hoar didn’t stab her and try to escape. This man is reported as standing over her body until she died.

According to Boston Globe, Peabody Police state that the man actually called 911 and told them that his wife had been stabbed — and that he thought she was probably dying. He awaited enforcement authorities while on the front steps of the house.

As sources continue, Brandon didn’t try to deny the allegations. He actually admitted to stabbing his girlfriend to death. Hoar said that he felt that Cheryl was bi-polar and — with the way she was yelling at their granddaughter — he felt that there was something in her eyes. The way she looked at the child was unsettling to him, Brandon claims.

So, he mentions that he attempted a warning slash so she could calm down. But when that didn’t work, he stabbed her in the chest, specifically in the heart.

While Hoar is reported as having been arrested on Tuesday, June 16th, the gruesome murder actually took place that Monday. After killing his girlfriend, he stood over her body, ensuring her demise.

Regardless of the granddaughter being upstairs, after stabbing Young, Hoar left the knife in her chest for approximately 20 hours.

WCVB – 5 had the following to say regarding the murder:

“The prosecutor said that Hoar told police “in defending his granddaughter, he had stabbed Cheryl in the heart with a steak knife.”

“(Young) loved that little girl,” neighbor Donna Greco said. “She was always with her. ‘It’s heartbreaking’.”

The neighbors said that, both, Hoar and Young weren’t bad ones but actually good neighbors.

“You can’t ever know the family dynamics in a home. But when you’re that close with someone and hear this? It’s just a surprise…

… I can truly say he was a nice guy.”

However, the neighborhood may not have actually known that the couple was also in a grueling custody battle for the granddaughter. Sources wonder if the arrangement could’ve been part of Brandon’s killing. No further information regarding the case or the situations of the perpetrator and the victim was available.

Hoar has no bail set, and he is scheduled to be back in court on July 16, 2015.

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