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Have a break, have a Jesus Kit-Kat


Easter is time for Easter Bunny potato chips and Jesus sightings, and the latest is a doozy: Jesus has been spotted in a Kit-Kat.

The Kit-Kat hails from the Netherlands, where the story is a little Google Translate sketchy. Here’s what I managed to pull out (original link/ translated)

“Dear editor, this morning on my work, I am shocked rot. I took a bite of a chocolate bar and then I saw a face in the bar. Well, there are the recent years many Christ Apparitions, and I find that all rather far-fetched . In a pillow or a meteorite I read last. So first I could not believe it, but two of my colleagues agreed that I have seen. One of them has these photos. “

Meteorites….ok. No word yet on an auction, but you’d hope they get around to freezing the bar soon before it melts.

(link via Gizmodo)

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4 Responses to “Have a break, have a Jesus Kit-Kat”

  1. andi

    that looks exaclty like the face on the holy shroud of turin, i suspect some photoshop trick

  2. Xadyu

    I'm from the netherlands, so here's a more accurate translation.

    On this kind of days (Good Friday), the amount of news is low most of the time. That's why we're happy to get reports about, for example, appearance's of Jezus. I'm now about to quot our NU-reader 'Mar':

    “Dear editors, this morning on work, I was scared as hell. When I took a bite of my Kitt-Katt, I saw a face in it. Now, the last few years, there were a lot of appearance's of Jezus, but I always thought that it was to far out (not believable, fake: dont now how to translate 'ver gezocht' in a normal english sentence.). Like in a pillow or a meteorite. So at first I couldn't believe it. But two of my colleague's convinced me I was right, one of them made this picture (the one you see above).”

    We indeed think appearance's of Jezus in a pillow or in a meteorite are to far sought, but in a Kitt-Katt Bar? Why the hell not?

    End of translation

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