Persona 3: FES Coming To PlayStation Network Today

Sony will soon be releasing another PlayStation 2 classic on PlayStation Network, and it’s one that many a RPG fan will undoubtedly be excited about. Sony announced that later today, Persona 3: FES will be making its way to the PlayStation Store.

The release is part of Sony’s “PS2 Classics” program, which the company kicked off last year. Sony hasn’t released a great number of titles since then, but I’m sure the lack of releases will be more than made up for by some with Persona 3: FES.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the series, Persona 3: FES is somewhere between a director’s cut and an expansion of the original 2007 release. The re-release added in a slew of new content to the main game, including an epilogue called “The Answer”, which has a few modified gameplay mechanics.

It’s a bit of a bizarre RPG experience–pretty much everything related to Shin Megami Tensei is–but it’s highly recommended to anyone who enjoys more traditional RPGs or, really, RPGs in general. It has solid gameplay mechanics, an interesting story and, well, just about everything you’d want from an RPG.

Sony didn’t say exactly how much Persona 3: FES will cost when it releases on PlayStation Network later this evening but, going by other PS2 Classics, you likely won’t be paying very much over $10.

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