Fugitive Travis Nicolaysen updates friends via Facebook

Fugitive Updates Facebook Status: ‘Ya Got Away Thanks Bro’

He may be running from the police, but thank God Travis A. Nicolaysen has Internet access. The fugitive took some time to update his Facebook status, telling friends that aside from being wanted by the police, he is doing just fine.

A concerned friend posted on his Facebook account: “Cops all over you,” his first day on the run, but Nicolaysen responded promptly the next day, saying: “ya got away thanks bro.”

The 26-year-old Nicolaysen has been on the lam since two foot chases on Wednesday and a police dragnet that included dog tracking through a Port Angeles, Washington, neighborhood. Despite searching for the young fugitive, the police dogs only managed to find a blue bandanna Nicolaysen had been wearing.

“In a smaller community, it’s harder to disappear and be anonymous,” said one officer. “We’re hoping people who know him call police.”

Other friends also chimed in on the fugitive’s Facebook page. One advised him to be careful. Another simply urged him to surrender and to think about his kids (Nicolaysen’s Facebook page shows a picture of him with two toddlers). He does have priors, having been convicted of five felonies. Among them: domestic violence, burglary, and the theft of a firearm, according to police (in case you were wondering, yes, they are keeping tabs on his Facebook page). “We’re used to pinging databases and sources of information,” an officer said. “It’s normal for us to look at Facebook accounts.”

Nicolaysen is wanted by the Washington State Department of Corrections for failing to check in with his community corrections officer since January.He was also accused of assaulting his girlfriend on March 28. Oh, wait. His ex-girlfriend. Nicolaysen was on Facebook to update his relationship status on Saturday to “single”.