Maryland Lottery Winner Comes Forward, Remains Anonymous

Did Mirlande Wilson win the Mega Millions lottery? The Maryland Mega Millions lottery winner has come forward to claim their share of the $656 million jackpot.

But was it Wilson? Unfortunately we may never know. The Mega Millions lottery winner has chosen to remain anonymous.

Wilson caused a media storm when she claimed to have the winning ticket last week. The McDonald’s employee said that she was keeping the winning ticket at a safe place at the restaurant but then told reporters that she had “misplaced” the ticket. Maryland lottery officials will be holding a press conference tomorrow but said that they would not be revealing the identity of the winner.

It’s also unclear if the ticket belonged to one of several people. What is know, thanks to the Baltimore Sun, is that the ticket was sold at a “7-Eleven on Liberty Road in Milford Mill about four hours before the drawing on March 31,” and will take home a little more than $105 million if they choose to take their payment in one lump sum.

The lottery winner in Kansas has already come forward to claim his or her prize. The Kansas lottery winner opted to take a lump sum payment of $105 million. The winner also chose to remain anonymous.

The Illinois winner has not come forward yet. The winning ticket was sold in the small town of Rosebud, Illinois.