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Sayali Bhagat Injured, Shailendra Singh Bisht Killed At Great Adventure Mall Opening [Video]

The opening of the Great Advenure Mall in Greater Noida didn’t go as planned. Bollywood actress Sayali Bhagat was injured in a car accident during the inaugural event and stuntman Shailendra Singh Bisht was killed during a climbing stunt.

The Indo Asian News Service reports that several stunt events were scheduled over the weekend to celebrate the mall’s opening. Singh Bisht was repelling down the side of the wall when he lost his grip on the rope.

Gajendra Singh, spokesperson for the SSP, said:

‘When Shailendra was enacting the stunt, he lost his grip over the rope due to which he fell to the ground. He was rushed to a local hospital, where he was declared brought dead.”

In another stunt, actress Sayali Bhagat was injured when the jeep she was driving flipped over. Singh added:

“Simultaneously another stunt was also being enacted on a jeep in which Sayali Bhagat was driving. The jeep turned turtle during the show due to which Sayali Bhagat sustained a fracture of her right arm.”

Bhagat was taken to the hospital. Shortly after her release she wrote on Twitter:

“I’m absolutely fine, little injury to the wrist. At home wid my bestie Dr. Mona, doin fine now, friends n family reaching out, thanx all. My best friend of 15 yrs Mona now a doc reaches out and spends the day nursing me, when u see a loved one around pain vanishes.”

Here’s a video report about the two accidents at the Great Adventure Mall.