Raging Bull Sequel in The Works

Casting for the sequel to Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull is currently under way with production to start in June. The first film, which was directed by Scorsese and starred Robert De Niro will act as the ground work for the sequel, which is said to be based on the novel “Raging Bull 2” by Chris Anderson.

So far director Martin Guigui (Changing Hearts, Cattle Call), has started the casting process for the film. Although Robert De Niro will not reprise his role in the sequel, it looks like William Forsythe (Boardwalk Empire) might be a front runner for the lead in the sequel.

Guigui is currently scouting for young Jake LaMotta, Jake’s father Guissepe, Jake’s childhood friend Rick Rosseli, amongst other key roles in the film.

Although Martin Scorcese is not involved in the sequel he discussed the possibility of a sequel in an interview for GQ for a few months back stating, “(There’s) nothing I could say about it except I don’t think I could revisit the material, as they say. I think we said what we had to say at that time. All of us moved on. Different aspects of the same story basically keep making the rounds… Rise and fall and self-destruction and the suffering and somehow coming through, in some cases. Coming through the suffering so that you change in a way.

Scorcese continues in the GQ interview article stating, I think it is (complete) in terms of the time and place that it covered from him on stage, that’s entertainment to him at the mirror at the end of the story and telling those aspects of his life. Yes. I really don’t know what Raging Bull II would be.”

Do you think Raging Bull II has potential, or do you agree with Martin Scorcese?

Interview in GQ