Joss Stone to Potentially Ruin One of My Favorite Shows

As cool as it is to discover your talents, I’m not sure if I want to see Joss Stone doing it on one of my favorite programs, The Tudors. After all, she still fleshing out her career on both the large and small-screen with a just a few films to her name. . .

According to The Telegraph, Joss will be playing Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII’s homeliest wife, in season three. Given Joss’s style transformations over the years (nose ring, black hair, purple hair, pseudo-hippie duds), I’m having trouble imagining her flouncing about all royal and immaculate. However, since the show has already been criticized for its historical (in)accuracy, let’s see how Joss turns out. She’ll probably look as much like Anne of Cleves as Rhys Myers looks like Henry VIII!