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Anglers Catching Snakehead Fish In Maryland Can Get A Reward


Maryland has put a bounty on snakehead fish, a particularly nasty breed of fish that ruins eco-systems and is even able to survive on land. The state wants them gone so much, in fact, that if anglers are able to catch and kill snakehead fish, they’ll be rewarded a $200 gift card for Bass Pro Shops and various other prizes.

Snakehead fish are native to Africa and Asia, but the “fish from hell” managed to make its way to waters here in the United States, and they’re wreaking havoc on the eco-systems of lakes, ponds and streams. The invasive, aggressive fish likely found their way in American waters by way of the Asian seafood market, officials suspect.

“We do not want snakeheads in our waters,” Maryland Department of Natural Resources Inland Fisheries Director Don Cosden told Fox News. “This initiative is a way to remind anglers that it is important to catch and remove this invasive species of fish.”

While the initiative to remove snakehead fish from Maryland’s waters hopes to get as many fish out of the water as possible, officials don’t expect the problem to go away completely anytime soon–still, officials are hopeful that the growing problem will at least be alleviated.

“We don’t expect that anglers will eradicate the snakehead population,” said Joe Love, the state’s Department of Natural Resources Tidal Bass program manager. “We do believe this promotion and inspiration of anglers can help control the snakehead population. The information we gain from the Angler’s Log reports are also helpful in assessing the abundance, spread and impact of these feisty fish.”

Source: Fox News

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31 Responses to “Anglers Catching Snakehead Fish In Maryland Can Get A Reward”

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  2. Will Feego

    put value to any thing and its end is absolute ask mr buffalo killed for his tongue mrs carrier pigeon for her tail feathers.

  3. Gina Betz

    hope you understand that it was introduced into Md waters. this is not a native fish and it is destroying the natural environment. The Chesapeake Bay is still in danger and this nasty little booger has to go. Sure they have plenty back in Africa and Asia, so you don't have to worry about them going extinct. Just my thoughts. Have a great day.

  4. Anonymous

    Good these fish are living monsters. They pose no real dangers to us but are environment. These fish can escape a home aquarium with ease.

  5. Anonymous

    Will these fish have over one hundred young when they spawn. Now imagine 1000 of them spawing………………………………

  6. Alexia Wragg

    If you read the press release, you register your pictures online and they "randomly choose three winner" not really much of a bounty.

  7. Tasha Lynn

    Diane, invasive species would actually be you and your inbred family. Victor had a great idea. You should really take his advice.

  8. David Wollerton

    This is one of the best fish I have ever eaten, I ate it Thailand.

  9. Jeff Short

    I live on Lake Minehaha-I believe they are the reason the fish are being depleted.

  10. Nicole Bergeron

    100,000 eggs each year on average actually. Plus add in the fact that they protect their young.