Comcast To Support HBO Go on Xbox Live Starting Next Week

When Microsoft released the HBO Go and Comcast Xfinity apps last months, Comcast and Time Warner subscribers were met with serious disappointment when they discovered that HBO Go wasn’t available to them, even with an HBO subscription.

While there’s still no word from Time Warner as to when HBO Go will be available for their subscribers, Comcast announced today that Xfinity customers will be able to access HBO Go on their Xbox 360 starting “early next week.”

“Xfinity customers will be able to access their favorite HBO content in yet another way: through the Xbox 360,” the company said in a statement. “Starting early next week, customers will be able to access HBO GO on Xbox Live in addition to the number of ways HBO programming is already available for Xfinity TV customers, including on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets; through and; on Video-On-Demand and of course, on linear TV!”

Comcast said that Xfinity customers will be able to access the HBO Go app next week using the same username that customers use to access Xfinity on Xbox Live.

“With these launches, it’s been an exciting couple of weeks as we continue to branch out and deliver more ways for our customers to access their favorite entertainment. We’re committed to continually evolving the experience to bring customers more ways to search, find and watch the content they love in more places, on more devices.”