TLC’s ‘Dare To Wear’ And ‘Brides Gone Styled’ Take Badly Dressed Women From Goth, Stripper Pole Styles To Glam Tonight

TLC’s Dare To Wear and Brides Gone Styled guarantee to take their new makeover wannabees from goth and trashy to classy and glam tonight on the season premiere for both shows. First up is Brides Gone Styled: From Goth To Glam, which airs tonight at 9:34c. In this 31-minute episode, celebrity stylists takes a woman who is normally a “fashion don’t” to a fashion “I Do.”

Each episode will save a soon-to-be bride from disaster as she sets out to dress herself for her upcoming nuptials. Viewers will get to see women with an array of styles from stripper pole slutty, to studs and leather chains. Celebrity fashion stylists Gretta Monahan and Robert Verdi have a lot on their hands as they try to convince these badly dressed, tattoo-wearing women that their styles just won’t work for the wedding.

If Brides Gone Styled doesn’t do it for you, then tune in to TLC’s Dare To Wear, a fabulous new television series that promises to take women from drab to fab. Dare To Wear seeks to drastically makeover a total of 12 women during this first season. What sets this makeover show apart is that the women think they have been chosen for a traditional makeover but have no idea that they must switch places with the style of the other female, which adds a nice surprise—or nightmare for each makeover prospect. Each week for one hour, Dare To Wear viewers will get to see style experts Mathias Alan and Tai Beauchamp work their magic as they transform and enhance these ladies.

On his YouTube channel, Mathias Alan says that he is incredibly excited about his new show, and feels that TLC was the perfect station to make his vision come alive. Mathias Alan continues that he enjoyed working with the women on the show, and says that getting to know them and figuring out which make up and hairstyles best suit the personality of each one was both challenging and fulfilling for him and the women that were made over.

Mathias Alan has been sharing his expertise on his YouTube channel for quite some time. His Fierce Face Fridays make up tutorials are all the rage for those who are interested in creating avant-garde looks. In addition to the Dare To Wear TLC show, Mathias Alan will also show behind the scenes photos of his extreme before and after makeovers on his YouTube channel. In the next few weeks, Mathias will also offer step by step make up demos inside of his West Hollywood studio in California. Dare To Wear airs Fridays a 10 p.m. on TLC.

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