Peyton and Liv in iZombie season 1

‘iZombie’ Season 2 Spoilers: What Is ‘Clive’s White Whale’ And Will Peyton Return?

The only disappointment about iZombie season 1 is that it was only 13 episodes. It built up to quite the explosive finale – and not just because there was an explosion at the Meat Cute following quite the massacre. So what happens next?

Well, in the iZombie season finale, Major spent most of the time locked up in Blaine’s meat-locker because he refused to tell the zombie where he had taken the coolers of astronaut brains. Blaine even offered him soup – with brains in it – and then showed him the poor kid from whom he had gotten them, a kid Major knew. Major managed to find a way out, setting a fire inside the freezer, but he then returned, armed with the weapons from his trunk and just killed everyone in his path. However, Blaine managed to stab him in the stomach.

By the time Liv showed up after being duped into thinking she was trading the brain coolers for Major, she felt she only had one option: scratch Major and turn him into a zombie. As for Blaine, she used a dose of Ravi’s cure on him. And the second dose she had of the cure went to Major. But will the cure work? Ravi was still working on it, as he told Liv in the finale and as you can rewatch below, so that has yet to be determined.

As for the Meat Cute, Suzuki answered a call to the shop, took note of what had happened and blew the place up, leaving Blaine’s name on the wall in blood. So will the police department declare that an open and shut case? The Inquisitr previously revealed that the iZombie season 2 premiere will pick up a few months later, but executive producer Rob Thomas told Entertainment Weekly that while Seattle PD is ready to move on and go with the story that Suzuki ended up in the middle of a gang shooting, Clive isn’t so ready to buy it. After all, he did recognize Julien’s shoes.

“That’s going to be Clive’s white whale in season 2. Clive thinks that Major is somehow involved with it. And he met Blaine very briefly in Meat Cute. He doesn’t know that Blaine is his name. He never got his name. [Suzuki] writing Blaine on the wall sends Clive off into what he’s going to be digging into in his free time in season 2.”

The second to last episode of iZombie season 1 saw Peyton learn the truth about Liv, but she was not in the finale and Thomas explained to TVLine that her absence had to do with Aly Michalka’s availability and allotted episodes.

“There were a certain number of episodes we could use her for, and we had used up our allotment, plus she was doing a pilot (ABC’s Chevy). And if that pilot [is picked up], you might not get her back, so we had to write her in a way that if she didn’t come back, that we’d at least have a reason.”

However, Chevy was not picked up, so that means that Peyton should be coming back in iZombie season 2, according to Thomas.

“She is available to us again, and we hope to see more of her.”

Peyton hadn’t taken the news of Liv being a zombie so well, so seeing how that plays out in season 2 is something to look forward to over the summer.

iZombie season 2 will air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW this fall.

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