Ed Sheeran Red Hair

Ed Sheeran’s Red Hair Has Him ‘Thinking Out Loud’ That His Sex Symbol Status Helps Other Red Haired Men Get More Sex

For Ed Sheeran, red hair isn’t a problem, and now Ed’s helping other gingers get over the awkwardness. The singer is so popular that ginger men think pretending to be Sheeran is a good way to attract some attention from women. Ed doesn’t mind that ginger men are “using” him. The “Thinking Out Loud” star is glad other guys with red hair color are “having a lot of fun” in the bedroom.

“You know what, we’re finally getting laid! This is a good thing.”

Sheeran has had a couple of barriers to overcome on his way to superstar sex symbol, and he doesn’t mind saying so out loud. When he was a kid, as if the ginger hair wasn’t enough, he had a stutter, too. The stutter developed after he had a port-wine stain birthmark removed from his face. Ed didn’t grow up thinking that he was going to be an international singing sensation, let alone a sex symbol.

Back to the gingers. Ed thinks you shouldn’t worry about “quirks and weirdness,” including having red hair. It’s not that long ago that people with red hair had to put up with way more than their share of bullying, and a few centuries back, red hair meant you could be burned at the stake. But now, according to Sheehan’s fellow ginger, actor Damien Lewis, red hair is in!

“The redhead stock is very high at the moment. This might be a unique moment in recent history: redheads everywhere are doing well — Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, Julianne Moore, me, Lily Cole.”

Redheads are red hot, and ginger men who think they can pass for Ed Sheeran are making the most of it.

Sheeran says his management regularly receive messages from women who think the sexy guy with the red hair who they slept with was actually Ed himself. During his U.S. tour, a woman sent a particularly head-shaking e-mail.

“I think I slept with Ed last night at a festival, but I can’t remember if it was him or not. If it was him, tell him he’s an a**hole and if it wasn’t, tell him I’m sorry for this e-mail. This was like a couple of weeks ago.”

Whew! Good thing it wasn’t Ed.

One red haired guy picked the wrong woman for the Sheeran impersonation. He tried it at a bar where Ed’s cousin, Kathy, was having a night out with her friends. “Yeah my name is Ed Sheeran and I have got this song on the radio,” he said, hopefully. Kathy Sheeran pulled out her ID and waved it in his face. According to Ed’s story, “the guy goes to all the bars in all the lands. Apparently it works for him.”

When he spoke at the American Institute for Stuttering’s Freeing Voices Changing Lives Benefit Gala, Sheeran had some red hot words of wisdom that apply no matter what your quirks are.

“Just be yourself, because there’s no one in the world that can be a better you than you … Be yourself. Embrace your quirks. Being weird is a wonderful thing.”

What do you think? Is red hair red hot?

[Photo by Joerg Koch / Getty Images]