Kyemah McEntyre dress

Kyemah McEntyre Dress Payback: Once Bullied Teen Voted Prom Queen, Opens Etsy Store

She was once taunted by bullies and even called “ugly,” by her classmates. However, Kyemah McEntyre rocked an amazing dress she designed and rocked it like a true diva. And that’s not the half of it. The once bullied high schooler — and talented artist — was voted prom queen, citing a Daily Mail report.

One only has to look at Kyemah, 18, to see how charming and drop-dead beautiful she is. In fact, from the pictures she posted on Instagram and Twitter recently of her fierce dress, it’s difficult to believe that anyone in their right mind could have the audacity to harass McEntyre with cruelty. Nevertheless, that’s what the New Jersey resident endured from big bad wolves — the two-legged kind.

Kyemah took to Instagram ahead of her high school prom. The stunning teenager wrote a very moving bio and took aim at everyone who pushed her around and insulted her over her looks, among other things. It’s unclear what she endured specifically, but the dress tells the story.

“Hey! Im Kyemah McEntyre. I’m 18 years old from East Orange, NJ. I am a soon to be almuni of Cicely Tyson and will go into my freshman year at Parsons the New School for Design. As an artist, I have a completely different point of view compared to other individuals. I am extremely analytical and observant. Throughout the world, we have people who do not notice each others essence and humanity. We stunt our collective spiritual growth by allowing assumptions and stereotypes to cloud our mind and thus our physical reality. We let these negative ideas get the best of us, and in turn, a world of isolation is manifested by our lack of sensitivity and desire to sympathize with each other. This results is a world in which people live within the confines of their own space, isolated from each other and separated from the rest of the world…”

Kyemah’s dress is her own vision. She sketched the brilliant prom gown, which is inspired by a deep connection to her African roots. The frock boasts bold and soulful colors that fanned out on the floor, as if McEntyre was on a Hollywood red carpet. Some say she channels the venerable Foxy Brown (Pam Grier).

“The most creative people are the ones who step out of their comfort zone and take advantage of the world around them. My abilities as an artist allows me to experience the benefits that versatility fosters. Being exposed to all kinds of people and cultures is the muse for my artwork. I am an artist who is very passionate about the connection between art and the world. I believe that in order for society to gain a wider horizon, we have to be willing to acknowledge other people from differences, beliefs, morals, and values. If you are interested, you can purchase my work very soon off of some of the websites listed below, If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact me.”

In the wake of her journey through bullying in school, Kyemah McEntyre is heading to New York later this year. The dress designer has been accepted into the prestigious Parson’s School of Design. Additionally, Kyemah is using her artistry and new-found fame to become an entrepreneur. On Wednesday, she launched her Etsy store, KyesMind.

[Photo via WordPress]