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Rapper Rick Ross Arrested In Atlanta [Video]

Rapper Rick Ross has been arrested in Fayetteville, Georgia, for illegal marijuana possession. The 39-year-old artist, along with his passenger, was initially pulled over in his Bentley for a tinted window violation, but the officer soon smelled marijuana.

Sheriff Barry H. Babb told reporters that Ross consented to a search of the vehicle, and the officer “identified marijuana in [Rick’s] vehicle” and placed him under arrest. Bail will be set by the court, and Ross will answer to the charges at a later date. There were five joints in the Bentley, which is a misdemeanor amount.

Ross did not appear to be under the influence when the self-purported “hood billionaire” was arrested, and he was “very cooperative” with the officer, according to ABC News. Fayette County Sheriff’s Office spokesman J. Allen Stevens told reporters that Rick Ross, whose real name is William Roberts, was being booked into the county jail. The passenger’s identity was not available.

Rick Ross has been on national news lately for losing approximately 85 to 100 pounds by doing CrossFit-type “RossFit” moves, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. He released two albums last year, Mastermind in March 2014 and Hood Billionaire in November 2014.

Ross grew up in Miami, but owns a “mega mansion” on a 235-acre estate in the Atlanta area, which he bought last January. Ross’s new home reportedly used to belong to Evander Holyfield, who, according to Ross’s real estate agent, lost the mansion — which is more like a castle — due to foreclosure.

USA Today reports that Ross, in addition to the charges, was also given a ticket for his tinted windows. Ross is the founder of Maybach Music Group, and is perhaps best known for his 2006 single, “Hustlin’.” In a 2011 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Rick said the longest he hasn’t been under the influence of marijuana was on an international flight to South Africa.

Emails to Rick’s agent weren’t immediately returned.

This isn’t Rick’s first arrest. The artist was taken into custody in June 2014 in North Carolina after he failed to appear at a hearing after being arrested for marijuana possession on a previous charge. He was taken into custody after he performed at the SuperJam Music Festival in Greensboro, North Carolina, and was later released on a $1,000 bail, reports CNN.

That same year, Rick Ross was arrested for a similar misdemeanor marijuana charge in Louisiana. In 2008, he was arrested for not only marijuana possession but for carrying a concealed firearm as well.

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