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Global Economic Collapse Imminent: MIT Researchers Predict Next Great Depression By 2030

Global Economic Collapse

According to a study released by researchers at Jay W. Forrester’s institute at MIT, the world is headed for a “global economic collapse” if humans around the planet do not waver in their consumption of natural resource. Not only is global economic collapse imminent at the current rate of resource consumption and population growth, “precipitous population decline” will also occur.

Recent findings published in the study coincide with those of the Limits to Growth which is an academic report from 1972. Smithsonian Magazine wrote about an Australian physicist named Graham Turner who famously said:

“The world is on track for disaster.”

According to the report which was produced for The Club of Rome, the researchers conjured a computing model in order to forecast various scenarios based upon the current models of global resource consumption and population growth. A computing model is a mathematical model of a complex process or system which requires conditions for testing.

The majority of the computer scenarios processed indicated imminent economic collapse would occur right around the year 2030.

Unlimited economic growth potential is still a possibility, however, governments around the world would have to enact policies to limit the expansion of our ecological footprint (human demand on the Earth’s ecosystems) in addition to investing in green technologies.

Twelve million copies of the recently published report were distributed in thirty-seven different languages around the world. While there are those, such as former governor of the Federal Research Board and Yale economist Henry Wallich, who strongly disagree with the findings detailed in both the Limits to Growth as well as the more recent MIT study conveying similar findings. Wallich believed that the regulation of economic growth would be equivalent to “consigning billions to permanent poverty.”

Do you believe that a global economic collapse is truly imminent by 2030 based on the current rate of consumption and population growth as forecast by MIT’s computing model?

Source: Yahoo! Blogs: The Sideshow

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31 Responses to “Global Economic Collapse Imminent: MIT Researchers Predict Next Great Depression By 2030”

  1. Stijn Vandamme

    I find it rather sad that the smart people at MIT only figured it out just now and needed so much computers to do so. Simple logic and common sense is all one needs to realize that economic growth models are in fact worthless in a playing field that does not grow.. And no, our planet , does not grow, nor do the natural resources that fueled the massive and unnatural growth since WW2.

    I predicted the 2008 crapout in 2005.. and I predicted the double dip in 2008.. And I'm saying now that we're on a jo jo that ain't going anywhere back to the Golden days of pre-2008.. That ship has sailed.

  2. Larry Lawrence

    The truth is….nobody cares about the future……………That is, until we get to the point of no return and then we all blame each other.

  3. Anonymous

    No, we'll devolve by re-learning to eat sand, drink salt water, warm ourselves with fire, etch stories on rocks, walk to work, and everything else necessary way before 2030. Necessity is the mother of re-invention.

  4. Ben Katz

    Yes, unless we invest in eco friendly products that we should be producing e.g. hydrogen fuel cell cars and geologically dependant facilities for houses (to figure out the best form of renewable energy for that area/ country) for example, if you lived near a volcano/ natural spring, you could use geothermic energy or if you lived near a lake or ocean, you could use wave or tidal energy etc. We need to think about these things now, before this does happen, as with all things it is not if but when. Look at the ice age or terrorism for examples…
    This is an issue that is easier talked about than done, though it is necessity that drives change (as the person below me said very well!)

  5. Ana Burrows

    It's possible that this collapse will come sooner than 2030. For whoever is concerned read 'The Great Waves of Change'.

  6. Deborah Hoff

    This is only if we stay the course. Obama has enacted much change which we should feel the effects of in a couple of years. Government usually stays out of business, but the economy has brought it to a head. Already the housing market is starting to move up again. Companies are starting to hire Americans again. I just got a decent job a couple of months ago. I think people have learned from their mistakes with taking off more than you can chew with housing, credit cards, and loans. We are back to budgets, paper money, saving and living within our means.

  7. Brock Hardman

    I hope you are kidding. I am trying to find a single truth in what you said, but I am seriously struggling.

  8. Deborah Hoff

    Brock Hardman : I'll quote my sources then. I read on MSN that the market was starting to move up when I posted this. I think it took a hit after I did. I think it was also MSN that I'd read that companies are starting to hire again. And I still got my job. So, why you can't find a single truth in the fact that I have a job is interesting. But I do. It took me a year to find this Master's level position by applying to four hiring places in my field per week. Perseverance is the key to most people's success. Edison tried to invent the lightbulb and failed almost a thousand times before he got it right. Sometimes, you just have to stay the course. Edison also said "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." LOL

  9. Brock Hardman

    Deborah Hoff I totally agree with everything you just said. My point is that the economy will implode way before 2030 and it will not be pretty. Our 'economic recovery' is a farce and we are in for a massive depression on a global scale. Trust me, it's all I study.

  10. John Beever

    Only reiterating what quite a few eminent scientists have been saying for years and what a few thinking people figured out years ago.. We are heading for the cliff. The scary thing is this a mathematical certainity and yet all we here about is the waffle and conjecture of climate change. Screw climate change! What is coming is a tsunami. Climate change is a ripple. And yet even today you will hear Economists tell you that the only limitation to growth is money. I hope one day I have the oppurtunity to have a few in a room and I can force feed them worthless hundred Dollar bill notes. In the name of greed we will go over the cliff and nothing can stop it. Even if we act now it won't help. (fat chnace that will happen anyway) In effect what we are doing on a global scale is exactly what happened on Easter Island. Anyone for some (human ) rump steaks?

  11. John Beever

    One thing needs to be clear. The use of the word "depression" is a euphemism. The economic collapse is really a resources collapse, energy food etc. there will be no claw back, no recovery and no one left unscathed. It's permanent. In that sense a depression seems like quite a jolly affair. What are the politicans doing in the most corrupt political system on earth? As usual nothing. Listening to the lobbyists. I hope they realise that no one will be untouched by this and it will affect their families to, in our life times.

  12. John Beever

    Quote: "unlimited growth potential is still possible" The ridiculous economic notion that growth is limitless when resources are finite is nonsensical. I noticed the heading to this article is quite misleading. The use of the economic term depression implies we will have a bad time and then bouce back. That is not what this report states or countless other scientific reports state. When the resources dry up or demand starts to far exceed supply it will be like going off a sheer glass cliff. There is no climbing back. The first step to even having a slight chance of keeping some civilisation left is simple. Get rid of all the economists!
    On a related note while I'm talking about double speak and euphemisms. There appears to be a perception that Peak Oil is about running out of oil. Ultimately it is but the crucial part is what happens when demand exceeds supply. THink Billions of people already on the breadline and oil goes up 50% within a year. This is a real price increase and affects everything from the food you eat to the clothes you wear. It can't be fixed by printing more money because prices will simply adjust accordingly. Now imagine how society will look. Then think a year or two later and it's gone up 100%. Complete collapse. Those on the breadline simply cannot survive and now the middle class is bouncing on the breadline as all disposable income dries up. You know the rest. This is the ultimate reality check and it's coming whether you like it or not. It's happening already. BEN KATZ. Do some homework. The Hydrogen fuel cell is the most ineffcient form of energy ever invented. It is a negative energy sink. It costs more in energy to create the hydrogen than it generates. i.e. these stupid greeny ideas along with windmills and solar panels are only doing one thing. Accelerating us at greater speed towards the cliff. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. As for geothermal. Keep in mind that without a functioning planet core we all die very very very quickly. The core creates the electromagnetic shield that protects us from solar radiation. So the next great greeny idea is to mess around with geothermal energy. The core! OMG. Beam me up Scotty! (of course economists who know nothing about science will tell you that the core is limitless).

  13. Anonymous

    This kind of conventional "green" thinking is horribly naive and even dangerous. All things being equal and human nature being what it is, the more efficient a resource is exploited, the higher the volume and intensity of its exploitation until the resource is diminished to ore or less the same degree. The only workable "solution" that could work for the conventional "green" paradigm would be a coinciding control over the individual, i.e. more control over the individual in the form of personal resource rationing or the psychological and biological manipulation of the individual to conform to social needs enforced by organizational power and authority.

    I want to leave you with a quote to think about:

    "In the future of the technological society, the world will be completely insane…but nobody will stand to question it because it will be perfectly ordered." -Jacques Ellul

  14. Deborah Hoff

    OH, so You are one of those Trolls I've heard people complain about. So you live in Canada. Did i ask? I don't recall asking where you live or caring. Specifically Quebec, again who cares? Something's not flowing right with your neurons there, missy. "I am a student and mother," umm good for you. Try trolling elsewhere. I only except trolls who make sense. As, I couldn't give a crap about where you live, what you do or that you have procreated. woo hoo! Now back to the article.

  15. Melanie Rain

    According to Celente and all the other economic bigwigs, this is going down a whole lot faster than this artice predicts… why such a gap?

  16. Anonymous

    There is nothing anyone can do to keep it from happening. Even if all governments and able entities in the world come together with the greatest, most miraculous of ideas to curtail it… no-can-do… The die have been cast… Human depopulation is at hand… there is no conspiracy, only human greed that has brought us to this. Absolute power and organized religion in the hands of the greedy have been the unwitting culprits of it all. Once the proverbial feces slides onto the world's ventilation blades, rich and poor alike will live through the worst mess world civilization has ever witnessed… The wolf is at the door…

  17. Giovanni Rodriquez

    In estrema sintesi è il concetto di Malthus che sosteneva questa tesi: la crescita demografica è più rapida della capacità della terra di provvedere i mezzi di sussistenza. Questo porta a due alternative: lasciare che la natura faccia il suo corso, sterminando di tanto in tanto la popolazione in eccesso con carestie, epidemie e guerre, oppure prevenire il problema attraverso il controllo delle nascite.

    Ma le risorse non sono fisse, né si sviluppano in maniera gradualmente lineare. Il petrolio non è stato considerato una risorsa per quasi tutta la nostra Storia. È diventato una risorsa solo in conseguenza dell’eccezionale sviluppo tecnologico degli ultimi secoli. In realtà l’umanità avrebbe raggiunto il suo limite demografico assoluto già nella preistoria, se non avesse compiuto scoperte come la conquista del fuoco, la costruzione di utensili e soprattutto l’agricoltura, che permette di sfamare molte più persone della caccia, a parità di territorio impiegato. Ciascun nuovo “limite” successivamente raggiunto è stato di volta in volta superato dall’articolazione dello sviluppo, che conferisce all’attività economica umana dimensioni sempre nuove.

    Oramai, oltretutto, ci stiamo avviando verso l’epoca in cui le uniche risorse veramente importanti saranno solo due: energia ed informazione. In pratica, se si dispone del know-how giusto e di una abbondante quantità di energia a buon mercato, praticamente nulla risulta impossibile.

    Decrescita vuol dire genocidio. Infatti, la teoria di Malthus corrispose ad un preciso bisogno di autodifesa dei ceti privilegiati britannici in un momento (1798) in cui si sentivano gravemente minacciati dal dilagare delle rivoluzioni.

  18. Andrea Mazzei

    Però c'è qualcosa che al dila dell'aspetto tecnologico di produrre cibo ed energia per tutti e per garantire una continua crescita, quello che mi spaventa è piu l'aspetto economico. Mi domando se più o meno rapide contrazioni della popolazione (controllo nascite o guerre e carestie) porrebbero fine a quella fiducia che l'individuo ha nei confronti del concetto di credito e a una necessità di ricreare dei mezzi di sussistenza (tradizionali) che però verrebbero a essere non riproponibili in un ambiente esausto di risorse.

  19. Ariadne Etienne

    It's about time we got rid of the surplus people who do nothing but work for their own subsistence. If the Human Race is going to surive then ever person who eats must produce something for the civilization at large. We cannot afford to feed people who do nothing but feed themselves: we cannot grow enough food. This goes for the poor as well as the rich. In the future, if you want to eat, you will need to contribute something valuable or you will starve. That said, it's time to convert the worlds farm land into greenhouses, and then, one day, into vertical farms. The days of open air farming, and indeed open air places are over until we can colonize space. Oh yeah, we need taxes to do this, so you rich people out there, start paying up or we're going to take your food away!

  20. Miles Miller

    Brock Hardman I am sick of all you doomsdayers. All nonsense. Everything is fine. We have no shortages or problems. NONE. Quit being negative without fact.

  21. Thomas Kritzer

    Exactly the thinking that got us into this mess. Things are getting better for me. The economy is strong. I think I will buy an SUV and a big house with an A/C. Forget the people who are not americans, they don't count. Let them starve, it doesn't matter to us right?

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