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Bizarre: New Burger King commercial marries SpongeBob and square butts


A new advertising campaign from Burger King that marries SpongeBob and women with square buts hasn’t been well received in all quarters.

The ad campaign sees The Burger King “King” singing “I love square butts” surrounded by women shaking their square butts in an effort to promote a Burger King Kids Meal that comes with a SpongeBob SquarePants toy. Lyrics include the line “I wanna git wit’cha, cause you’re makin’ me richer.”

Do-gooder groups have come out and accused Burger King off sexualizing children meals. “Nickelodeon and Burger King have partnered to produce a new, highly sexualized, ad for a Burger King SpongeBob SquarePants Kids Meal. It is harmful enough when a beloved media icon advertises junk food to children, but selling Kids Meals by associating a beloved, male character like SpongeBob with lechery shows how little either company cares about the wellbeing of the children they target.” claim the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood group.

The ad is questionable for a product aimed at children: I’m not making a moral judgment there, only an observation based on pitch, after all little kids who like SpongeBob aren’t exactly going to relate to dancing girls (and yes, I have a 6 year old.) But more than anything is just the sheer bizarre nature of the ad: whacked is the right word.

Ultimately you can be the judge:

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34 Responses to “Bizarre: New Burger King commercial marries SpongeBob and square butts”

  1. Christy

    I think that this is the best commercial for burger king that I have ever seen and believe me I have seen them all. When I worked for Burger King, at a management class we watched an hour of old, old commercials. If this group has an issue, turn off the TV and sont let your kids watch. Buy the DVDs

  2. JImbo

    I think it is great! Totally cracked me up, I love their sense of humor. That commercial is aimed at parents, not kids. There are different commericals running on the kid channels.

  3. Mark

    Just like I thought the two comments from older viewers love this ad and that is who Burger King is trying to reach with total disregard to the consequences of using a childrens cartoon with one of the most sexually explicit videos ever made. It is totally inappropriate and irresponsible and I have already started calling people to boycott Burger unless they pull this pathetic commercial.

  4. Michelle

    Look, I'm pretty damn open-minded, even with my kids. I used common sense when they were little, but didn't do the “OMG” freakout if they happened to see naked bods or something usually considered “age inappropriate” on TV (usually the more you make of it, the more they notice anyway). This commercial is just weird. Just weird. I have to admit, I was torn between being amused and horrified, and part of that had to do with that creepy damn Burger King dude. The commercial is pitching kids' meals, so I guess it is kind of “out there”. I have to question the ad execs who thought this was a good idea. I get the feeling they're gonna take a lots of hits over it.

  5. JC

    I've hated this entire campaign based around “The King”. Most of it was bad, some of it was creepy. This one is disturbing, and I don't see how they are going after their target audience successfully with this. It is badly done, badly aimed, and in really bad taste. Syanara BK.

  6. kiminmo

    As an adult, I find it entertaining. However, as an educator, I find it terrible. If it were only aired in adult venues, maybe. Trends in programming and advertising cross lines without considering (or acknowledging) any negative impact they make – reality television, raging chefs, women fighting over rappers….”It takes a village to raise a child” and I don't think B.K. and many others are doing their part to support values which are sorely lacking in our society.

  7. WLW

    The entire campaign with “the king” has been a train wreck. Sit in a group, watch TV, have this ad come on–at the end, everyone is just shaking their heads. Epic fail, BK, epic fail.

  8. JJ

    To suggest the commercial is aimed at adults is ludicrous. If for a KIDS MEAL.
    I will boycott Burger King now. This disturbing ad campaign goes beyond bizarre. Sexual exploitation of women is bad enough; but selling that objectification to children is reprehensible. Shame on Burger King and shame on SpongeBob's network for allowing it.

  9. Lighten Up!

    This commercial is hilarious. This country is just over the top with demonizing anything remotely “profane” or sexual in nature. It's why America has so many sexual based crimes. The sexual crime rate in European countries are not as high because why? They allow the showing of the human body (not necessarily sexual acts) on television instead of making a huge deal of it. Kids over there grow up with a normal view of the body, unlike American kids who are made to see a boob or a butt as vulgar. C'mon people, if you don't want your kids to see it, turn the channel instead of protesting so much…..there are deeper problems than a funny commercial!

  10. Brandi

    I think this ad is brilliant and I have a 7 and 3 year old. It is doing exactly what an ad should do. It gets people talking and then more people will seek it out to watch it. Would I let my kids watch it? Probably not. But then my kids don't watch commercial television. So that's really a moot point. So if you are truely offended by this ad, don't let your kids watch commercial televsion. Period. There are far worse commercials out there!

  11. suzyq

    I don't care how funny some of you think this is. This commercial is downright low class!

  12. Rach

    I tell you. I am a mom. I HATE commercials let alone have the tv on for my child.. but this one was funny! I believe the funniest commercial i have seen in a long time! Anyone who hates this commercial are probably the same people who like to burn books. Honestly who cares. All commercials are full of crap and lies anyways. Can't we have one that is at least funny?! Whats really funny is that I don't like eating fast food and really dislike spongebutt dumbpants and I loved this commercial. WAY TO GO! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT…. there is a MUTE button on your remote. please learn to use it.

  13. Ashe

    This commercial was so funny, couldn’t stop laughing. Small children aren’t the only ones who watch Spongebob people, lighten up. The ad was aimed at an older crowd, what six year old knows who Sir Mix-a-Lot is, and its only running during primetime, I have yet to see it on the childrens network…There are far worse TV ads out there, I haven’t heard anyone saying anything negative about that 5 hour energy drink ad with the guy and his secretary.

  14. kim

    I find the commercial just plain stupid and in no way will convince to go to BK. I change the channel when it comes on and keep driving past the restaurants on my way to McDonalds.

  15. Jennifer

    Totally inappropriate commercial aimed at children, yet has women dancing provocative to advertise kids meals! What was Burger King thinking? This is sick!

  16. Jennifer

    What parent would see this commercial and think, “wow, I'm going to buy the kid's meal because it has women in tight shorts showing off their backsides, set to the music of “Baby got back!” Burger King needs to pull this ad and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  17. OlMom

    Yes, this commercial is funny. And YES, it's totally inappropriate for the product it promotes.

    I wish we Americans weren't so anti-sex, and that our kids could be raised with a healthier view of sexuality. BUT THIS ISN'T IT. This commercial objectifies women (as does so much advertising, so I'm not surprised some people think it's acceptable).

    A new low in American advertising.

  18. Kenneth

    Just by the merit of having two childrens' characters in the commercial, hawking a kids meal, means it's aimed at children. Parents aren't going to see this and think, “Hey, I'll take my kids down to a place where some rapping man hiding behind a mask wants them to lust after womens' rear ends (Square though they may be) and why? Because they're “Makin' me richer.” This might appeal to kids because of the singing and dancing and their favorite characters, but as a parent I have to say it's awful. I'm not going to boycott Burger King, I'm not going to boycott Spongebob. I approve of both venues, as much as one can approve of fast food and cartoons, but whoever wrote this commercial should really reevaluate who he's aiming it at. Personally, I'll be instilling more values in my children than wanting the female body, becoming rich, and eating food that's fine once in a while but if you eat it every day it will kill you. Thank you.

  19. Melissa

    Okay, they are trying to sell happy meals…then do something fun for kids, not fun for men…this is degrading. I admit, I caught myself chuckling for a second or two, but the more it plays, the more I find it incredibly inapproriate and wrong. What happened to GOOD commercials that did not need sexual depictions to sell their product.

  20. Terrie

    All of the burger king commercials are disgusting with sexual undertones. I will not patronize this establishement any longer. Where are there morals. I'm no prude, but who is the ceo of this company anyway, some sexual pervert.

  21. Gail

    Very inappropriate for the target audience… meals????

  22. leo

    I don't eat their food; but I found the ad deeply disturbing. This is an ad promoting a kid's meal? Hmmm….

  23. MM


  24. Randy

    Aimed at an older crowd?Advertising a kids meal, while aiming at an older crowd? Are you kiding?

  25. Sheila

    1. What is “funny” about the commercial? I just don't get what's humorous about a bunch of bimbae with square asses.

    2. Burger King's target audience must be uneducated rednecks who find potty humor “hilarious.”

    3. The commercial is sexist and objectifies women (so what else is new?)

    4. The commercial insults the intelligence of anyone is intelligent.

    5. The commercial has absolutely no contextual relation to the product(s) Burger King sells.

    It is distasteful, it is inappropriate, it is offensive, it is just plain stupid. I could have designed an entire year's marketing campaign by myself and come up with something that would generate a lot more business for Burger King than that commercial ever will.

    And I'm really surprised that creepy, grotesque plastic King they use as their mascot is still being utilized to sell their food.

    I actually like BK's food, especially the Whopper, but I don't eat there any more than I do anywhere else. I'm seriously considering boycotting BK, however, until they come up with a marketing and advertising team that actually knows what its doing.

  26. Michael

    I am one who bealives everyone is entitled to there opinon so me saying this is slightly “out of character.” but oh well. NOT EVERYTHING that doesn't kiss up to women or praise them like a godess is sexist. I am sorry, this is just women dancing with phone books stuffed in there pants. There shaking there asses. So what? Jesus my little sister shakes just as much when she is doing the chicken dance. You know that lil kid dance where you like a chicken? She is seven.

    My point is, just because it doesn't portray women as a wonderful godess of whom does no wrong, doesn't mean it is sexist, and saying so is just idiotic. By going on the same logic it's like saying if it is one about chicken, and a black guy is doing it. Well it is a stero type that black people like chicken. OH MY GOD! RACIST!. No. Not racist. and this isent sexist.

    Besides if you think THIS is provokotive never in your should you even try to hear the name “Brittany spears” or see any of her shows. Really. She has tons of kids following her and she dresses skimpy, her dancers dress skimpy and there all provokotive. Yet no one complains about it. Well next to no one to be fair. If it was a man however it would be called sexist. So closing point is simple.

    Not everything is no praising women is sexist. To think so is a stero-type and border line sexist in it's self. Thats my two cents.

  27. ME

    Yes, it is aimed at adults. Who do you think is buying all these kids meals?! I don't know any 3 year olds with jobs. I also don't know any kids who know who sir mix a lot is. That commercial isn't shown on children's networks. Lighten up. It makes me laugh.

  28. ADM

    Yeah that would be fine if parents were responsible enough to monitor the networks kids watch. I am sure plenty of 3 year olds watch the major networks.

  29. sam

    that is wrong it is amed at children not older adults

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