Sharon Osbourne On Twitter

Sharon Osbourne, Son Jack, Turn Heads On Twitter

Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy, daughter Kelly — they’ve all been somewhat in the public eye since the death of their reality show, but one member who’s kept a relatively low key is son Jack Osbourne.

That changed with Sharon’s most recent post as Twitter followers got the chance to see how Jack is doing these days.

For the most part, everyone on the micro-blogging platform was impressed.

The son of Sharon Osbourne is certainly no longer the curly-headed kid from the family’s old reality series. Here’s what many of Sharon’s followers were saying.

As for Sharon, recent reports haven’t been as glowing for the matriarch of the Osbourne clan with a number of health issues to contend with. This report from the Inquisitr on May 25 details some of those challenges, stating that she “collapsed from exhaustion” and that her health was going to cause her to “take a break” from The Talk.

More from the previous report, which quotes the official statement from Ms. Osbourne’s representatives.

“Upon her return she collapsed from mental and physical fatigue. Her doctors report that she is suffering from ‘extreme exhaustion’ and assessed that she most likely returned to work too soon after being hospitalized recently for pneumonia. Sharon has been advised and has agreed to to take a month hiatus to recover fully from these recent events. Sharon would like to thank everyone at ‘The Talk’ for granting her this time off and to all friends, family and others for their incredible support.”

News that Sharon Osbourne collapsed comes just months after she had hernia surgery. After the surgery, Osbourne came down with pneumonia. She missed some work while she was recovering, but it sounds like she didn’t take enough time off to completely get well.

That said, it is a nice picture that she posted of her and son Jack, and it is great to see her making the most of the time off. Do you want to see Sharon Osbourne back on The Talk? Sound off in the comments section.

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