Jolly Rancher

Kevin Durant’s Sonic Jolly Rancher Commercial Cracks Folks Up On Twitter, Brings ‘High’ Questions [Video]

A new Sonic commercial that was aired on Thursday, June 4, featuring Kevin Durant in a questionable state of mind has folks chatting up a storm on Twitter. In the black and white ad, Durant waxes philosophical about Jolly Ranchers as he cradles the basketball and asks what a rancher has to be so jolly about. Kevin is then broken from his Jolly Ranchers’ reverie from a referee that snaps him out of his wistful state of mind.

Watch the video of Durant dreaming of Jolly Ranchers on SB Nation.

The funny commercial featured Durant bragging about his strong focus on the game, as he twirls the basketball around in his hands. Then Kevin goes off on a daydream about the Sonic flavor of slush drink that’s the green Jolly Rancher variety.

“Guess if I lived on a ranch I’d be jolly, too. ‘Howdy! Welcome to my jolly ranch.'”

Kevin’s Sonic candy drinks were reported on their way by SI in recent weeks, and now that Durant is being put front and center in the series of funny commercials for the Oklahoma City-based Sonic, it seems the Twitter response means they have a winner.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Durant is a player that the Miami Heat have set their sights upon.

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