Battery Life Boosted 800 Percent – Innovative Clip-On Device Exponentially Extends Useable Lifespan

A device that can boost the life-span of your average disposable battery by 800 percent has been developed. The deceptively simple device is a clip-on that attaches to any battery, from AAA to D and manages to fit inside the battery compartment and quietly does it work.

The seemingly magical device does its job by keeping the battery’s voltage just above the limit that most appliances consider as an indicator of the battery’s usability. The device, developed by a U.S.-based start-up, Batteroo, is called ‘Batteriser’ and is essentially a stainless steel sleeve that snugly clips onto any battery. Owing to extremely slim form factor, Batteriser fits inside any standard battery compartment like those found on remote controls, wall-clocks, torches, Bluetooth keyboards, digital cameras, console controllers and any other electronic appliances that depend on batteries to keep them powered on.

The Batteriser Doesn't Need Any Additional Space
The Batteriser Doesn’t Need Any Additional Space

The 0.1mm thick Batteriser works on to the rather dumb algorithm that’s programmed into today’s electronics regarding the battery. Alkaline batteries, the most common form of disposable batteries today, are able to generate 1.5 Volts when they are first inserted into the device. However, as soon as the voltage drops to 1.4 Volts (a mere 0.1 Volt) and below, most appliances deem the battery as ‘dead’ and refuse to operate till the user replaces the still-alive battery with a new one.

Most Of The Batteries We Discard Today Have About 80 Percent Life Left In Them
Most Of The Batteries We Discard Today Still Have About 80 Percent Life Left In Them

What this means is the batteries which we are throwing out, thinking they are dead, are very much usable. The makers of Batteriser claim these batteries that we are discarding still have 80 percent of its energy left inside. Batteriser ensure this doesn’t happen, shared electrical engineer Bob Roohparvar, one of the team members behind the revolutionary product,

“The Batteriser has boost circuitry that will boost the voltage from 0.6 volts to 1.5 volts and will maintain voltage at 1.5 – which is a brand new battery.”

Incidentally, the technology as well as the concept isn’t new. However, Roohparvar and his team have managed to shrink their product down enough so it will fit inside any battery compartment,

“The key is we’ve been able to miniaturize the boost circuit to a point that no one else has been able to achieve.”

To prove the technology works, Roohparvar inserted a couple of seemingly dead batteries with a 1.3-Volt output, into a Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard failed to initialize. However, when the same batteries were fitted with Batteriser and reinserted, the Mac computer to which the keyboard was synched, reported the battery level at 100 percent.

What’s even more exciting is that Roohparvar claims Batteriser will also work with rechargeable batteries that have slipped to a 1.2-Volt output.

Over 15 billion disposable batteries end up in landfills each year. Batteriser could help not just the buyers get the most from their batteries, but help lessen the pollution as well.

[Image Credit | Getty Images, Batteroo]