World’s Tallest Cow Dies, Blosom Found Injured In Favorite Pasture On Illinois Farm

The world’s tallest cow, Blosom, has died. The Holsein, owned by northern Illinois resident Pat Hanson, who stood 6-foot-4, has died at her farm home in northern Illinois. Hanson was just 13 when she became the owner of her beloved cow.

Blosom suffered an irreparable leg injury and “was called to graze in a more glorious pasture” on May 26, Pat Hanson said. The world’s tallest cow weighed one ton. Hanson intends to keep Blosom’s Facebook page active as a tribute to the gentle giant.

The world’s tallest cow is approximately one foot taller than the average female Holstein. Blosom earned her spot in the Guinness World Records book, and will still be included in the 2016 edition of the record book.

Pat Hanson garnered Blosom when she was just a calf and considered the cow a pet.

“I told my dad years ago that Blosom was destined for stardom, and with this record she has achieved that,” Hanson said. “The number of people that embraced and fell in love with her has been unbelievable! She made so many smile, and the world is a happier place because of her.”

world's tallest cow
Blosom – the world’s tallest cow, has died.

Hanson also thanked journalist Jane Lethlean for playing “a huge part in sharing Blosom’s story with the world.” Lethlean was the first to report about Blosom in 2013, and then in a later article in the Journal Standard.

The world’s tallest cow was found lying on the ground in her favorite pasture. Blosom was unable to stand. Hanson has not been able to determine exactly what happened to her deeply-loved Holstein. Veterinarians have reportedly surmised that Blosom slipped in the mud and had damaged a ligament in her left hip, making it impossible for her to stand.

“I had to make that hard decision — I wouldn’t let her suffer,” Hanson said. “It’s the last act of kindness you can do for an animal you love, but it sure is hard.”

The world’s tallest cow was buried in the same favorite pasture, which overlooks the Hanson farm in Orangeville. The farm is currently being crafted into a rural retreat. In the near future, the “officially amazing” cow, known to some as the world’s tallest cow, and to others as simply Blosom, will make her debut in a children’s book.

Blosom is buried in her favorite pasture, facing east, watching over the Orangeville farm, which is also the Memory Lane Crafting Retreat.

[Images via Facebook]