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‘Don’t Eat Fish From Sewers’ — Department Of Health Has To Protect New Jersey Residents From Themselves During Flood

In what could be considered a “well, duh” moment, the Department of Health and Community Wellness has had to issue a statement to New Jersey residents not to eat fish that may have been contaminated by sewers from flooding.

Dr. Hanaa Hamdi, Department of Health and Community Wellness Director, addressed the public in a statement after seeing reports of citizens trapping fish in a pond around Newark, New Jersey.

“This is a dangerous practice and residents are urged to refrain from trapping, catching, and eating any fish caught on the streets.”

One of the news reports in question was from WABC out of New Jersey. In the video, there are some residents who are filmed actually trying to rescue the fish and put them in neighboring ponds. Still other residents, are using anything to get the big catch including an open umbrella. It has been reported by GrindTV the fish can weigh as much as 10 pounds.

When the creeks and rivers are overflowing, there are a ton of reason you shouldn’t test the waters. The Susquehanna Flood Forecast and Warning System has a whole page dedicated to what to do before a flood. Common sense is the key for a lot of these points.

  • Identify places to go.
  • Identify alternative travel routes that are not prone to flooding.
  • Plan what to do with your pets.
  • Fill your car’s gas tank.
  • If told to leave, do so quickly
  • Drinking water – Fill clean containers.
  • Food that requires no refrigeration or cooking.
  • Cash
  • Review your Family Disaster Plan.

During the flood, there are other important things that can be done to protect one’s self.

  • Be alert.
  • Never drive through flooded roadways.
  • Get to high ground – Climb to safety!
  • Evacuate immediately, if you think you are at risk or are advised to do so!
  • Never try to walk or swim through flowing water.
  • Shut off the electricity at the circuit breakers.

Finally, after the flood, there are things that can be done that would help a person get beck to normal.

  • Wait until it is safe to return.
  • Travel with care.
  • If a building was flooded, check for safety before entering.
  • Use extreme caution when entering buildings.
  • Take pictures of the damage.
  • When making repairs, protect your property from future flood damage.

One thing that is missing from this list and needs to be added thanks the New Jersey residents is, “Don’t eat the fish that has been swimming around in all of your sewer water.” Seems like a pretty reasonable request.

[Photo by WABC]