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Octomom Receiving Death Threats For Going On Welfare

Octomom on Welfare

Nadya Suleman, better known to millions of people as Octomom recently decided to put herself and her family on welfare and that decision has led to death threats from the internet’s less than friendly sector.

TMZ broke the story yesterday and according to at least one source threatening phone calls from blocked numbers have been rolling in left and right. Other’s have chosen to attack Octomom via Facebook messages.

The typical response to her welfare decision includes, “Die bitch. I’m not working for your f**king kids, you’re the one that wanted them.”

That wasn’t the only threat she has received in the last 24 hours. Other’s include veiled threats such as “You’re going to get yours” while some messages are just angry attacks in general such as “I”m not working to f**king pay –” and “F**k you, you don’t deserve–.”

When Nadya Suleman announced she was having eight children at once and was dubbed Octomom many people voiced their anger at that time, predicting that the single mom would not be able to afford such a large brood on her own without governmental assistance. During her original reveal people questioned whether or not she could afford to take care of such a large group of kids, providing them with emotional and monetary needs.

Octomom over the years has attempted and failed to put together a reality TV show to help pay her expenses and she recently appeared naked in the British magazine “Closer.”

According to sources close to Octomom she has decided to go on welfare in order to do what is best for her children. Perhaps she should have thought about what was best for them before she posed naked for some much needed cash.

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145 Responses to “Octomom Receiving Death Threats For Going On Welfare”

  1. Liss Berdine-Casler

    sad as she is……the kids did not ask to be here, going through all of this garbage. THEY need to eat, whether Octobiotch does or not. For THEM – I would help.

  2. Deborah Vincenti

    I really don't think she should be able to get welfare that is just crap if she can't take care of them then the state needs to take them just like they do to anyone else that can't take care of their kids.

  3. Crag O'Scolaidhe

    f**k all of them haters.. they are all just jealous.. I say go for it. the best for her kids is all that matters so she should do all to take care of her kids…

  4. Pat Long

    I feel sorry for those kids Cris, all she sees them as is a 'pay check'.

  5. Alisa Hafley Swilley

    first of all….. those kids didn't do anything to you haters or this world. yes it was crazy for her to want 8 at one time but the kids deserve to eat just like anyone else in the world. so what if you have to pay taxes on them. gripe all you want either your going to pay because their on welfare or your going to pay because their in the states custody which by the way those kids don't deserve to be split up and who in their right mind would take on 8 kids besides their mother? so think about what you say before you say it because sometimes you look cold hearted.

  6. Suzy Grimm

    she tried and she failed-so what? let the poor kids starve? and no one gets rich off of welfare. mostly what you get is food stamps and help with medical. yeah, the Gov't rapes you of your $$$ every single day but no, attack her for trying to get the kids what they need like it is costing you a fortune!

  7. Freddie McKenna

    Cris is right. The woman is mentally ill and deserves some compassion. The doctor should lose his license. The children are innocent victims who can't possibly grow up normal with a whack job like that for a mother. It's a shame we can't make her earn her welfare by speaking to high school kids about the perils of having children you can't support.

  8. Nessa Hall

    I can relate to the outrage of society. She had NO BUSINESS having 8 kids with No job or the financial means to Take care of them! I feel the children deserves medical and food but no money! She needs a job since she Cant get child support from the donor! I dont think she deserves death but she doesnt deserve $$$

  9. Jerri Moore

    well octo lady is at it again welfare so be it just go work oh wait she needs a baby sitter good luck finding a baby sitter lol she will have to pay someone pretty good for there sanity lol.

  10. Crag O'Scolaidhe

    couldnt have said it better myself.. even tho i did try lol..

  11. Julie DeRosa Adams

    Okay but she gets these model jobs and stuff she is working to some extent…and I don't believe it's minimum wage so how can she get welfare? Find a job and if it doesn't pay then get partial for the kids sake but I agree though you decided to have all these kids….and you want to people to pay….this is ridiculous just saying.

  12. Deborah Vincenti

    Who cares about being cold hearted why should everyone in the state pay her to feed 14 kids if you can't take care of kids her or you or anyone else then why have them for everyone else to take care. All of this is crap

  13. Nathan Wallace

    I think everyone should just mind their own business. If she were a ghetto bimbo doing crack, and getting welfare for her 10 kids, everyone would would be OK with it.Everyone is SOOOO hard on poor Nadya. She seems like a great mom. Don't judge her until you've walked a day in her shoes. Everyone needs to let her live her life, and get on with theirs! STOP HATING!

  14. Marie Robbins

    But the Duggar family can have as many kids as they want because of their tv show supporting them. They are married and are good Christians. Sad that people are still angry about Nadya. Her kids shouldn't be thrown under the bus.

  15. Shannon Davis

    There are thousands of ppl on welfare with a bunch of children they can't afford… y aren't u ppl attacking them?? I would have kept all 8 children how could u choose which ones to keep and which to put up for adoption, that would b an impossible choice… not that I wanna have 8 kids lol…

  16. Cris Jackson Lerma

    I do too Pat and I agree. But the kids aren't to blame they need to eat. This Dr. knew what he was doing I think he should be responsible for at least 50% of their care. Those poor kids

  17. Nathan Wallace

    She didn't want 8 kids at once. It just happens sometimes with invitro. What'd you want her to do?-have an abortion?!?

  18. Crag O'Scolaidhe

    Marie , yes, you are right!.. the kids didnt ask for this. but i dont believe in hating on this girl cause of the choices that she has made. living with hate isnt a good way to live.

  19. Susan Walker Barnett

    A job? She would need welfare to pay for her to work! Child care for 1 child under 4 averages @ 150.00 per week. Now multiply that times 8 plus the other kids she already had and there is no way she could make enough money weekly to pay child care alone

  20. Hope M. Thibeau McCumber

    I prefer to help someone who has done all that they can ON THEIR OWN before relying on help. She didn't have those babies to get a free ride! People should think about how difficult a time she has raising so many kids. I think all mom's reach a point (especially single ones) that they would try many things to raise money to care for their kids. These horrible people that are posting such crude comments….do they seriously think that you going on welfare is the cause of their tax increase? WOW, come on folks! Wake the hell up! I'm grateful she is strong enough to ask for help when she needs it, rather than have the children get sick and hungry due to her pride! So….OCTOMOM, I support your decision. Do what you must to take care of your kids! There is only ONE who will judge you in the end, and that's what matters!

  21. Meeka Tamica

    Y is everyone dogging her shes trying to do what she can to provide for her kids and if that's showing some skin to provide for her kids so let it be… I know as a mother I would do anything and everything to provide for my kids even posing nude. Another thing that u people dnt realize is that we are in a recession and its hard to find a good paying job out here. Shoot I just got laid off from both my jobs lack of funding and I've been looking for employment and I'm well experienced and I still haven't found a job so I know the feeling… My advice is to mine yr own business and worry about yr own family!

  22. Alisa Hafley Swilley

    Deborah Vincenti i can take care of my kids and i do pay taxes for people on welfare. all im saying is either way wether she has them or the state has them ( like you stated below that the state should do if the parents cant take care of their children) your gonna pay taxes. the state pays foster parnets to keep kids for them. they get quite a bit of money for each child that they take care of. yes parents have to pay child support to the state if they have rights still but the tax payers are paying for them to be in foster care. their giving clothing vouchers and the foster parents are paid. so just saying i think you all arent hearing what your saying. or arent thinking about what your posting before you post it. do I think she should have had 8 kids plus the 5 she already had before hand? no!! but who am I to judge her for what she does. kids deserve to eat wether the parents are providing the food or the state is.

  23. Kelly Limberger

    The kids need to eat and that's all that matters. For her actions are uncalled for, she is still doing what a mom has to do to feed and raise them. Life can be hard. I think people should just leave her alone. At least she is not doing drugs and starving her kids or killing them! I give her some credit…it's one thing to think people everywhere hate you but it's another when your doing it alone.

  24. Monique Varrs

    People needs to leave her alone so what if she needs help with her kids i take my hat off to her for giving her kids life and not abort them i hope she get the help she is asking for good luck to her

  25. Jacqueline Thoennes

    Yeah, that's it. Have 8 kids and expect welfare to take care of you. I think she should be sterilized so she has no more kids. What was she thinking? A single mom having 8 kids? I think the kids should be adopted to good familes. Someone that can give them what they need and a good life.

  26. Kelly Limberger

    plus having kids is apart of you. They are the ones that will carry you out in life after you die. I would totally keep having kids if I could! It's a beautiful thing! I already have 3 and wish it was way more!

  27. Kirill Mogilev

    Shows how hypocritical society is. GOP quacks cry foul about Planned Parenthood and like services. They say that every life is sacred – until birth of the baby (or in this case babies)

  28. Jeanne Dubrasky

    I think people should stop judging other people or their actions until they have lived in their skin, minds and hearts! Since that is impossible why don't you follow what many your parents taught you or should have. If you don't have anything nice to say then just hush!~.

  29. Laura Msyoucantstopme Hofrichter

    granted her being on welfare is not an ideal situation for anyone, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to take care of her kids. Its no different than any other single mom struggling to get by and needing additional help when there is no father in the picture.

  30. Suzy Grimm

    ppl are saying she'a abusing the system-if so she would have gotten welfare when they were born. thy're also saying she should get a jub. she has 8 kids-we know daycare is expensive-times it by 8. and if she goes that route b4 they are in school she won't pay much based on her poverty level and household size-the taxpayer will pay the lion share of it.. so, would cost taxpayers more. when they reach school age she should work but the children may need help,food, medical until she finds a mate.they should not suffer for her idiocy.

  31. Leighanna Boekeloo

    I take it you've never been in foster care…speaking from experience, it is a nightmare. She should never have had so many children, but these little innocent sweethearts do not deserve to have there family split up just because their mommy made an epic mistake! She is not abusing them…she is trying to make sure they are fed. BTW the state does not take children just because their parents are poor!

  32. Crag O'Scolaidhe

    yeh Suzy, that is true. well, i dont have kids so i dont know how much daycare is but i have heard it is very expensive from friends. & to get a job in todays econmy as a single mother with 8kids would be next to impossible..& besides, i dont mind paying for her kids to have a happy life. i wouldnt like to see any kid go hungry just cause of the mistakes of their mother(or father)

    anyways, i think most ppl just like pointing out the mistakes of other ppl cause their lives are so boring & crappy.

  33. Esme Flores

    Suzy ur soo right.. everyone is making such a big ass deal like none of us dont know or have a close one that's on some type of government aid. Just shut up bc if that were ur sister or family member u wouldn't be talking shit.

  34. Leighanna Boekeloo

    I'm sure that those were modeling gigs…only having one payout per gig…not even close to enough to support 14 children! And at this point, getting a job would be a mute point, since it would cost more for childcare than she would make! Also don't forget that you would be paying those taxes anyway! I would rather my money go into her children's mouths than into some politician's sports car!

  35. Jacqueline Aponte

    Listen people for 10 years I was on welfare I worked and went to school! I got off it and paid my debt to society and I took care of my boys all by myself! If you dont have the intelligence of how to take care of children then you shouldnt have any! have kids is a responsibility for adults not for crazy chics that want their 15 minutes of fame! Please grow the f;;;k up and get real shes a whack job! Those kids dont have a mom they have a maniac raising them!!

  36. Alisa Hafley Swilley

    thank you Leighanna I too have been in the system thats why I know the state also pays for the childrens clothing and room and board. and its not fair seeing children get split up. i was in a home that my parents daughter also was a foster parent and in our home we had a little boy and in my foster sisiters house she had his little sister. helps when familys are able to do that but its not often that that happens

  37. Lynn Michelle Killam

    I'm not saying it was "right" or "responsible" of her to have that many kids, but we have ALL done things that aren't right or responsible. The state/government pays for SO many people that don't even TRY to work & keep having kids so I don't really see why all this anger is directed at her. We are paying for SO many families who are doing the same thing that she is. They may not have 14 kids but they have more kids than they are even trying to support. They KNOW the government will keep handing stuff out to them so they keep it up. People should have to do some kind of work (unless they are disabled physically or mentally) to receive help. It's not even help's a way of life.

  38. Deborah Floyd Laws

    My sister has twins plus one younger and an amazing husband that helps. They have great jobs and are great parents. they stay broke and worn out. Someone wanting 8 at once is friggin mental, and the Dr. that made it happen is criminal. If the government would stop wiping the asses of those that should breed the least, maybe they'd stop breeding beyond their own means to care for them.

  39. Philip Childs

    Nathan Wallace, Yes, she should have aborted 7 of them.

  40. Alisa Hafley Swilley

    Nathan Wallce I believe she did the right thing by not aborting them. I dont know what she should have done and Im glad it wasnt me in her shoes because Id propably had kept them also. but I wouldnt have had anymore after the first 5 she had. so its kinda hard to say what I think she should have done. all I know is those kids deserve to eat like any other person does. and they deserve to at least live kinda of a normal life.

  41. Juli Anne Payton

    Okay what she did was MAJOR STUPID but what about the millions of kids and familys that you are ALREADY taking care of with your money? Its not just her! I hate it too but its a fact people will be stupid and unfortunately we will be picking up the slack, its going to get better just wait lol.

  42. Liss Berdine-Casler

    ..not to mention if anyone hurt her/took her away from those children….The state would be raising & feeding them anyway~

  43. Nessa Hall

    I also read where she turned down $500,000 for doin porn well maybe she shouldve done it At least she wouldnt be on welfare and be a famous whore. Lol

  44. Crag O'Scolaidhe

    Susan 150 euro? thats insane.. how can ppl afford to pay this. i think whomever set that price thinks we are all rich.. thank God i dont have kids.. for now at least lol

  45. Bj Banks

    I wish people would leave this woman and her babies alone. If she has no money, she has to feed her children. I don't want to hear the crap about its her fault. The children are blameless and they must be fed, so leave them alone. There should be way to find out who the psychopaths are that are threatning her, they should be put in jail.

  46. Jennifer Kipp

    What the crap. I try to take care of myself but honestly need a little help and get denied for everything this woman get pregnant on purpose many times and can get help what kind of crap is that? I can't have kids so I don't deserve help?

  47. Deborah Vincenti

    Alisa Hafley Swilley I was in foster care before you were born sorry to tell ya and that was because my mother couldn't take care of us I had a kid and worked to take care of him not on welfare

  48. Sonia Mccoll

    Get a real f-in J.O.B.!! Stop trying to make quick cash!! She new what the hell she was doing. She needs to own up to the choices she made and stop making the kids suffer for her stupid mistakes!!! POOR KIDS!!!

  49. Phyllis Stanley

    kind of funny that she wanted to look like angelina jolie & now she just looks like SHIT. an UGLY woman. but I feel so sorry for those kids. they should be taken away & given to LOVING, CARING parents. she sure ain't….

  50. Deborah Vincenti

    This woman had 6 kids she wasn't to take care of when she decided to go back and have a litter of kids all at one time people want animals fixed but let this shit happen give me a brake this is bullshit now she can't take care of them like she didn't know that before she had them

  51. Claudia Castello

    perhaps she should have thought of what was best before she decided to get pregnant with eight babies when she already had 6 and was a single mother. she brought this all upon herself.

  52. Deborah Vincenti

    Alisa Hafley Swilley got news for you on that one ever been to North Carolina Oxford has two Orphanages one for white and one for Black if you want so many kids but don't want to work to take care of them maybe you should foster some of those kids

  53. Cheryl Renee' Owens

    Thank you Suzy! How in the hell do a small group of ppl in the larger scheme of things feel like their fucked up opinion about paying taxes is supposed to change something?!? Time and breath was wasted on something that is going to happen whether its liked or not….

  54. Melanie Lledo

    Would people want someone telling them they don't deserve their kids, or they should have gotten abortion or in a really really desperate situation pose nude to feed those children (hell half of the people complaining don't have a body anyone wants to see naked) She's not beating them, she's just trying to feed them.

  55. Jessica Marsh

    It would b a different story if she wasn't always looking 4 quick $ & would just get a JOB. The Gov would still help her w/ the amount of kids she has but @ least she would b learning 2 provide 4 her kids! Gggrrr. FRUSTRATED.

  56. Felicia Thunelius

    And if it wasn't her…it would be another one. Its not like they raised our taxes to cover her welfare!!

  57. Tara T Downham

    It would cost a whole Hell of a lot more to have 14 more children in foster care then to give her welfare. And as with welfare, taxpayers r still paying. I would rather pay less and keep them together. Not to mention, everyone needs help sometimes. She hasn't always been on welfare nor does it mean she always will be

  58. Cheryl Renee' Owens

    @Deborah Vincenti So now you are getting into reproductive rights of ANOTHER woman? really?! how does that work?! what kind of job can she get that can help her properly take care of 8 children? and even If she gets any old job so ppl can "somewhat" stop bitching about paying taxes, she is still eligible for food stamps and medical care so what the hell is the difference?!? As a society, when you decide to "exercise" your 1st amendment right, please (@ least try) have a VALID issue, not a "mad at the world" mean one-its serves NO purpose except for you to have a temporary reprieve from your federal frustrations but you are still going to pay taxes… now what?

  59. Laurie Ellen

    I agree the kids need to eat. I dont agree with what she did,but shes not the first mom who had kids she should not have and sadly she wont be the last. Nobody wins on this one

  60. Deborah Vincenti

    Alisa Hafley Swilley my point on all of this is she done this to her self she had 6 kids she couldn't take care of to start with altogether she has 14 so why should welfare give her a check why was she allowed to have more to begin with she was going to either get a tv show or go on welfare what the hell we should reward that kind of thinking right let her sit on her butt and let everyone else pay for all these kids, do you really think her alone in a house with all these kids is right for the kids I sure don't cause welfare don't give enough to pay bills let alone buy shoes and crap

  61. Alisa Hafley Swilley

    Deborah Vincenti i have 4 of my own and 2 step kids, and i do work and i do take care of my kids . and i do pay taxes to help the other kids. but unfortanly I cant afford any more kids then I already have or I would. it doesnt matter how much you all complain about paying taxes on the money that octomom is going to recieve from the state. hmm pay octomom to stay at home or pay the state to raise them. YOUR PAYING FOR IT EITHER WAY!!! thats my point. complaining because octomom gets help from the state and everyone has to pay for it through taxes. Lets put them in the states custody because she cant afford to raise them herself. lets take them away from the only family theyve known. but were ok with paying the state to raise kids. you all make no sense is another one of my points. and no unfortantly I didnt have to go into an orphanage. I was lucky to go to a foster home that wasnt soo bad. But do I believe that she is raising her kids the best she can. Obviously because the state hasnt tooking them away yet. And when you was taking from your family the laws were different then. If she provides a roof over their heads a bed for them to sleep in and has food on the table and clean clothes for them to wear, wether they be provided by the state or by her she is considered a fit mother. or thats what the laws are in Missouri. If the house isnt filthy their clean and nourished then, again she is a fit mother. were not talking about was it right for her to have 8 kids when she already had 5 to begin with. obviously there isnt a law stating she has to have her tubes tied or they would have made her do it. the law cant tell you you have to abort a baby because you already have too many. they have to sit back and wait for her to mess up and do something wrong. and in my eyes she hasnt yet. but thats my opinion and Im entitled just like you. so just saying what I think.

  62. Alisa Hafley Swilley

    my point is that wether you pay the state or pay the mother to raise her own kids. your paying somebody. and why not make her raise her own kids. she hasn't accomplished making a tv show. obviously shes tried everything she can to raise her kids on her own. do I believe its right for her to keep having kids when shes had soo many no I don't. but I don't like how the state system works. I don't believe the kids should be put in the states custody until she proves she can no longer care for them. and she will eventually break down. come on 14 kids who can be by themsleves with 14 kids? not me. I'm not ageeing with her decision to have 14 kids. I just don't think the kids should suffer in any of theis. and I believe taking them from their mother like some believe is right. would make things worse on them. but everyone is entitles to their own opinion.

  63. Shannon Davis

    Y don't we jus become china and tell ppl how many kinds they can have… this is america we have a right to how many kids we want if u don't like it move some where that tells u how many kids to have… sometimes ppl don't choose to have a lot kids its an act if nature and who are u to judge what others do…. its none of your business if she has 10 more :)

  64. Shannon Davis

    And don't get me wrong I think she should have to get a job to jus as I think all welfare ppl should have to get a job…

  65. Heather la Mabrey

    *some of those people commenting" what a bitch. Who cares how many kids she has and who cares if she gets on welfare. Abortion should NOT ever be allowed! I have NO respect for those that do it!!!! I think she's doing the right thing by getting on it, adleast the kids are begin taken care of !! And weather she is on welfare or they are in foster we are still paying taxes and if it's not her it's SOMEONE else :)

  66. Donna K. Bradshaw

    The people that choose to become bullies and violent vigilantes are hurting the children etc. far more than she is get a hold of your selves! What has ben done is done, it's time to deal with now and let them have a life.

  67. Jodi Vaniter Essery

    Marie Robbins The Duggars were debt free long before they their tv show. They have been successful with selling cars and real estate. They also own a cell tower that several companies pay them to use. You can't compare the Duggars with Nadya.

  68. Crag O'Scolaidhe

    Jodi Vaniter Essery so, one rule for ppl who have money & one rule for ppl who have none..

  69. Denise Jarvis

    I agree on the abortion thing. She chose to have this many kids. Her ass needs a job like the rest of us an own up.

  70. Crag O'Scolaidhe

    well Susan, USD isnt far of from euros. there aint much in the difference.

  71. Jodi Vaniter Essery

    Crag O'Scolaidhe that is not what I said or meant. I simply feel that the two families can not be compared. The Duggars are fortunate enough that they have not had to ask for any type of financial assistance from the government.

    I have no issues with Nadya getting foods stamps or medical care. It's out there for a reason. Unfortunately, with the price of childcare, there is really no way that she would be able to work until all of the kids are in school.

    The problem I have is that while the majority of us our busting our asses working, living paycheck to paycheck, there are people who are taking advantage of the system. They are getting food stamps, medical care and money and they just get to sit home. They don't have to get up early and go to work.

  72. Nessa Hall

    Try 14 kids all together and yes she does need a JOB maybe the older kids can babysit if they are old enough and she shouldve thought about this before that idiot of a doctor pumped her with sperm! She is a stupid person with no common sense she was offered $500.00 to do porn whats the difference between her takin her clothes off for a british magazine. The bitch jus wanted to be famous but turned out infamous!!!

  73. Greg Grinberg

    is it safe to to group political positions together on reported acts of a few? In that case, you're nothing but a (fill in the blank) like your (liberal/democrat/etc) cohorts. How can you advocate (position 1) when you (through the acts of your fellow (fill in party) perform acts such as (act that is opposite to position 1)? Shame on you!

  74. Linda Sloat

    Nathan Wallace –she did opt to have all 8 at once…she could have chose to have less…any one with a brain would not have all of those 8 kids at one time with what she already had,,,,,,,,,,so stupid…they should be in foster care or adopted out….

  75. Linda Sloat

    the best would be to put them in foster care or allow them to be adopted…where they could get all of the needs met without the welfare system doing it all for them…so sick ,…she is ………

  76. Linda Sloat

    she could NEVER make enuff $$$$$$$$$$ to support herself and her brood………disgusting female…i hope she got her tubes tied……………

  77. Marda Fibikar Collins

    we feed the thousands of illegal immigrents that have crossed into this country. i personally would rather feed octomom's kids than the kids of someone that drives a brand new hummer to a WIC appointment

  78. Brittany Nicole Hahn

    I think she is gross piece of trash with no class. I do agree the children need to eat, but I think those babies should be taken from her and adopted out to families who deserve and can't have children. People say this is wrong? And most of the time I would agree that siblings shouldn't be seperated, but honestly people, think what kind of home they are growing up in now with that crazy nasty filth so called "bringing" them up. And I'm so sick and tired of this single mother boo-hoo pity me story. Shut up, woman up and do your JOB!!! I've found that single moms get 10times more help then those of us attached moms. People feel sorry for single moms and everthing gets spoon feed to them with a gold fucking fork. If you can't take care of something don't buy it. If you can't take care of a child or children then don't have them!

  79. Kim Mills Balch

    if she didn't get welfare exactly how much would that put in your pockets? $0.00 so shut up.

  80. Megan Marie Tuper

    kids should be taken away from her and placed in homes where they can get the individual love and attention they need as well as the monetary support.

  81. Stephanie Subedi

    It isn't kids fault for the stupid decision thier mom n some quack dr made. The kids shouldn't suffer, they didnt choose to be born to that woman.

  82. Deborah Vincenti

    That should of happened after her first 5 or6 she wasn't working to take care of and I'm sorry I don't believe a word out of her mouth she saw that show where Kate and Jon had 8 kids and said look at all my eggs I bet I could get a TV show and it flopped and it did because they were a family and not the old woman in the shoe with all the kids and no job

  83. Crag O'Scolaidhe

    yeh Linda, thats the answer.. split up the family. this usually causes more problem than it solves. i dont think you wouldve liked someone to split up your family if ye were in this situation ..

  84. Rena Hilty

    If you are so concerned about your tax dollars being wasted, maybe you should take a look at our foreign policy. We spend WAY more on war then we do on welfare.

  85. Megan Herney

    what the f…. you people are such hypocrites.. you guys should worry about you own gawd damn lives..

  86. Bev Dobbins

    In addition to everything else, this woman is a nut case. Do all 14 of these kids have even a fighting chance at normalcy?

  87. Lynn Brown Belcher

    Maybe it is accepted by the Duggars because they are a married couple. They are also debt free and can put food on the table for thier children.

  88. Anonymous

    Octomom needs to be both sterilized and lobotomized. She's a despicable pig.

  89. Anonymous

    Doesn't matter — she already had 6 that she couldn't afford. She shouldn't have been seeking to have any more. Personal responsibility must be paramount in any civil society!!!!

  90. Anonymous

    O'Scolaidehe — Your statement is irresponsible garbage. Octobitch needs a dose of personal responsibility! Society has no responsibility for taking care of her stupid choices. AMERICA — let's return to the notion of INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY!!! Not Socialist Collectivism!!!

  91. Anonymous

    Were "attacking" her cause she chose to have EIGHT more kids when she already had 6 she couldn't support!! DUH!!!

  92. Anonymous

    ALISA — What you call "haters" are really people who are highly pissed at having to pay (thru taxes) for her sorry ass!!! She was totally irresponsible, having 8 more kids when she couldn't even support her existing 6, and we the people should have to pay for her despicable behavior!!! WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT??????

  93. Anonymous

    To Nathan and everyone else who's telling us to "mind our own business" — when she took public relief, she MADE it our business! DUH! We the People have the right to comment on ANYONE who's taking public funds!

  94. Shannon Davis

    well I'm sure everyone attacking her is a absolute saint and has never done anything in their life that they shouldn't. She made her bed now she has to lie in it. It's not for anyone to judge but her God. and she needs to do for those kids what she can… or we could just knock them all off, that's going to b the only solution since no one wants their "tax dollars" to help support poor innocent children that weren't asked to come into this world. They can't support themselves. DUH!!!

  95. Shannon Davis

    well I'm sure everyone attacking her is a absolute saint and has never done anything in their life that they shouldn't. She made her bed now she has to lie in it. It's not for anyone to judge but her God. and she needs to do for those kids what she can… or we could just knock them all off, that's going to b the only solution since no one wants their "tax dollars" to help support poor innocent children that weren't asked to come into this world. They can't support themselves. DUH!!!

  96. Jody Howe

    I think some people need to just mind there own business. Most people do not plan to be on welfare, sometimes it just happens. Who are you to judge… speaking to everyone put there throwing stones… I know everyone of you has done something bad, wrong, illegal, unethical, or just plain stupid in your life.. ( If you have not yet, you will..) If others know what you did, did they do or say something that hurt because of your lack of judgement? Doesn't feel good does it.. So when it happens you suck it up and deal with it… Does it make you feel better to make ugly remarks or put your nose into other people business… Well you need to grow up and be more mature about it and walk away.. There are probably a lot of people out there who are on welfare of some sort and you don't even know who they are, it could be anyone you know who is just to proud to let it be known. Ok so maybe she made a mistake with having so many eggs implanted at one time, but the odds of all of them sticking are normally pretty low.. So again, I say don't judge unless you have walked a mile in there shoes.

  97. Jody Howe

    Tara T Downham this is a very valid point!! More is spent on foster care than what she will ever get on welfare.. Plus look at all the abuse.. I also was in foster care, group homes, etc.. No Fun!!

  98. Jody Howe

    Marda Fibikar Collins The only thing I can say for this is… Crap happens.. You do not know there situation.. They may have just lost a good job and are on welfare temporarily.. It is sometimes easier to judge than to look at the whole picture. It takes time to sell a vehicle (plus the economy sucks) than have to turn around and buy another vehicle for transportation. Think about it, someone without money is not going to just go out and buy a hummer cause they feel like it.. Most people think about gas before buying a vehicle…. So that doesn't seem very logical… I can speak from past experience.. I had a very large SUV at one point with a good paying job…….. not anymore… and it takes time… (Not saying this is always the situation) so just don't be so quick to judge…

  99. Deborah Vincenti

    Did everyone see her on TV last nite she wants to be on TV and if she don't get what she wants is she going to start hurting the kids the way those Moms do that hurt their kids then rush them to the hospital.

  100. Deborah Vincenti

    Then they shouldn't put their BUSINESS on TV and in the papers do something stupid once or even two times is ok but when you have six kids with no way to take care of them is stupid then you go in and have 12 eggs put in all at once no matter for one baby or 12 is beyond stupid, that doctor lost his lost right over it and she should be made to get a real job and take care of all those kids she was in such a hurry for ……Don't put your business in the street if you don't want people to tell you what they think about it

  101. Deborah Vincenti

    Then they shouldn't put their BUSINESS on TV and in the papers do something stupid once or even two times is ok but when you have six kids with no way to take care of them is stupid then you go in and have 12 eggs put in all at once no matter for one baby or 12 is beyond stupid, that doctor lost his lost right over it and she should be made to get a real job and take care of all those kids she was in such a hurry for ……Don't put your business in the street if you don't want people to tell you what they think about it

  102. Jody Howe

    Deborah Vincenti lol WOW you have tunnel vision.. I never said she didn't make a mistake… And who are you to know if it was her decision to ultimately have all her business aired, think about it, crap is aired without permissions all the time.. Who is to say what is true and what is not.. Do you know her personally?? Dont believe everything you read and everything you see.. If this is how people base there lives than they are very gullible.. All I'm saying is stop throwing stones, i'm sure your no angel.

  103. Jody Howe

    and another thing, have you ever lost a job or been without a job.. Well its harder now than ever to find a good one.. Plus child care… Again not my place to judge, nor is it yours.. Just be more open minded to CRAP HAPPENS… I feel that when people only have negative things to say that KARMA is not very nice..

  104. Deborah Vincenti

    Jody Howe because she was on TV last nite talking about it thats why and u said you know everyone has or will do something stupid well I am 53 years old and I don't give a crap who knows the stupid mistakes I have made I do know I had a kid I didn't have welfare pay to have him or pay to take care of him and she loves going on TV telling all her crap it's right here and on TV

  105. Jody Howe

    Deborah Vincenti Well that's great for you that you were fortunate enough to never have needed help. Not all of us are so fortunate. I did not see the stuff on tv, but again, you do not know everything behind her doors, just because she was on tv defending herself…. Neither do I… I dont blame her for being on tv, after all the bad publicity, she should let her side be known… Have you ever been on tv.. well I have and they don't always show everything…. Its all about the ratings… It is not my place to judge. Plus each generation changes, so you really need to be more open minded to the world around you, instead of running with knives.

  106. Deborah Vincenti

    Jody Howe I have don't a lot of shitty jobs have you ever cut tobacco for 8 hours a day you can't stand up right and your hands are bleeding so bad you can't hold anything and you know you will have to be out there again the next day, I have mucked horse and cow crap also just so my kid could eat thats what you do

  107. Deborah Vincenti

    Jody Howe I have don't a lot of shitty jobs have you ever cut tobacco for 8 hours a day you can't stand up right and your hands are bleeding so bad you can't hold anything and you know you will have to be out there again the next day, I have mucked horse and cow crap also just so my kid could eat thats what you do

  108. Alisa Hafley Swilley

    It's done and over with. There isn't anything you can do about it. Why be mad about something you CAN NOT CHANGE!!!!! Your going to pay for it now wether their with her or in the states custody. Duh!!!!!!!! What don't u understand about that. Yes your right about her vein selfish and having that many but it's over. It's done it's happened. Now we have to pay taxes on it. Either way you will pay might as well get used to it

  109. Martina McBurney-Wheeler

    Marie Robbins , actually you are wrong about the Duggars.
    While they do make some money off of the show, the Duggars own several business established BEFORE they had a weekly television show. They also lived rather modestly in a small rental home before they completed their compound. They are NOT on any form of government assistance and never have been. They are also a two parent family who have many children over the course of time and many pregnancies. They are not a mentally ill single mother who used government assistance to get pregnant through IVF treatments. Those kids were thrown under the bus the moment they were left to live in squalor at the hands of their narcissistic mother.

  110. Martina McBurney-Wheeler

    Crag O'Scolaidhe, the choices we make define who were are,we are a reflection of the things we do.Isn't the definatiion of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Nada has never held a job since the first time she was impregnated and has been reliant on her parents or government hand outs to take care of her children. Just how many more pregnancies and irresponsible actions will you tolerate before you decide she is responsible for her own actions?

  111. Martina McBurney-Wheeler

    Crag O'Scolaidhe, the choices we make define who were are,we are a reflection of the things we do.Isn't the definatiion of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Nada has never held a job since the first time she was impregnated and has been reliant on her parents or government hand outs to take care of her children. Just how many more pregnancies and irresponsible actions will you tolerate before you decide she is responsible for her own actions?

  112. Crag O'Scolaidhe

    Martina McBurney-Wheeler having kids dont mean you are insane lol
    of course i believe ppl are responsible for their own actions. & i believe is less government in our lives too ..dont mean the kids have to starve or the family to be broken up, just cause of the 'mistake(s)' of the mother. the kids never asked for any of this crap that their mother brought upon them..

  113. Jan DeWitt


  114. Jan DeWitt

    1977 WHEN MY SON WAS GOIN ON 5 YRS OLD – NOW MY GRANDSON GOIN ON 11 IN JULY- TIMES BEEN STRESSFUL – BUT I TOTALLY TRUST GOD – AND MAKE SOLACE WATCHING Dramafever – comebak if you get time – got a bookmarks(chrome) problem – or message me a good time to call you 5mins anyday – jan dewitt- PEACE

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