Crying Man Attempted To Rape Orange County Woman, Threatened To Kill Her

An Orange County, Florida woman is lucky to be alive after being kidnapped by a man who intended to rape and kill her. The woman was picked up at approximately 2 a.m. by the man, and she noticed he was acting odd shortly thereafter. As he drove, the man began to cry. In addition to crying, the man began to drive erratically, frightening the woman. The man refused to let the woman out of the vehicle. However, the woman was able to escape from the car near an intersection and ran for her life.

The unidentified woman admitted to working as a prostitute, according to Click Orlando WKMG Local 8. She stated that a man driving a blue Saturn SUV approached her, and she got into the vehicle with him. When the man began to cry hysterically, and his driving became erratic, she asked to get out of the SUV, but he refused to let her leave. After a stressful drive, the woman was finally able to jump from the SUV and attempted to run for safety. However, the man exited the vehicle and chased after her. He was able to tackle her across the street.

As the man and woman struggled on the ground, he attempted to sexually assault her. The woman fought back in an attempt to escape. As the man tried to rape the woman, he told her that she was going to die. The woman, scared for her life, was able to escape the man’s clutches and run toward an oncoming vehicle, begging for help, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The man ran back to his Saturn SUV and fled the scene in an unknown direction. Police are currently searching for the man.

The frightening scenario had a great impact on the woman. However, there is no update on whether it was enough to take her away from the life of a prostitute and find a better path. However, the incident did make authorities aware of the dangerous man and provide a warning for other prostitutes who might be potential victims.

It is unknown why the man began to cry hysterically and drive erratically during the incident. However, police suspect he may be unstable and a danger to anyone that comes into contact with him, especially woman. Although he was driving a blue Saturn SUV, prostitutes were warned to be cautious, in case he attempts to use a different vehicle next time.

[Photo by Mario Tama / Getty Images]