2 friends missing Rocklahoma: The search widens for Ben Baber, Cody Parrick

Search Widened For 2 Friends Missing: Rocklahoma Music Festival Attendees Ben Baber And Cody Parrick Vanished

Two friends have gone missing after the Rocklahoma music festival near Pryor on May 22. Ben Baber and Cody Parrick vanished after the collective concert, and authorities are baffled.

Rocklahoma is like a hard rock version of Lollapalooza or Woodstock, where bands gather for a few days and perform their material for the masses. The 2015 lineup included Rob Zombie, Papa Roach, Slayer, Linkin Park, Godsmack, Queensryche, and Breaking Benjamin, to name but a few.

Best friends Benjamin Baber and Cody Parrick have been missing since the first day of the concert series. Both of them had three day passes, though only Cody’s was actually scanned, according to NBC News. Authorities are frustrated at the lack of clues leading to where they might have gone.

The search for the two friends missing after Rocklahoma has been extended as far as New York. Due to the possibility that they may have lost control of the vehicle and ended up in deep water, Captain Rod Howell had some advice for radio station KRMG.

“We’re trying to have people think outside the box. See if [there are] any ruts, see if there’s any fence down leading into a body of water.”

For now, search parties are waiting for the flood waters around U.S. 69 to drop.

The two had allegedly turned off their cell phones, so there have been no calls made from them. There have been no bank transactions either. Authorities are even having mail carriers watch for suspicious packages.

Ben Baber’s mother, Donna Berryman, told the press that she just wants to see “my baby back. If anybody sees him, I want my baby back. I don’t care how it is. I want to see him again.”

Rocker Rob Zombie even posted a photo to Facebook showing Cody Parrick with the band, asking for information leading to the location of the two friends missing from Rocklahoma.

Ben and Cody were said to be driving back and forth during the three day event instead of camping, and were last seen driving a silver 2005 Pontiac Montana.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has joined the search as of last Thursday, and authorities urge anyone with information to call the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office at (918) 756-4311 or the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office at (918) 825-3844, instead of posting it online.

Cody’s mother, Greta Richards, told the press that she’s been on the phone with a Pryor resident who doesn’t even know them in the effort to find the two friends missing after Rocklahoma.

[Image via NBC News]