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Heather McDonald Speaks Out Against ‘Stick In The Mud’ Caitlyn Jenner, Defends Marriage To Kris

Heather McDonald is speaking out against Caitlyn Jenner, just days after her shocking debut in the pages, and on the cover, of the summer issue of Vanity Fair.

Since Jenner announced her desire to transition into a female after 56 years of living as a male, Kris Jenner has been accused of being unsupportive. While Caitlyn’s first two wives, Chrystie Jenner and Linda Thompson, released statements to ABC for her 20/20 interview, Kris had “no comment,” and while she’s claimed to be supportive of her former husband’s transition, she has been far less vocal than other members of his family.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kris, a longtime friend of Heather McDonald, didn’t share a supportive tweet, as her daughters had done, after Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair reveal. In addition, she spoke to People Magazine, claiming Caitlyn wasn’t clear about her desire to be female during their marriage.

During a June 3 interview with Radar Online, Heather McDonald slammed Caitlyn, then known as Bruce, for acting as if she wasn’t just as responsible for the end of her marriage to Kris.

“I think that Kris and Bruce, besides his gender issues, grew apart… In the beginning he would go to events and then he was all grouchy and she was just like, ‘fine forget it.’ The more and more they started doing things apart, it was just inevitable. You don’t have to bring your spouse to everything, but at a certain point you should really try to do more together. He was a stick in the mud.”

Heather McDonald went on to explain that fans of Caitlyn, as well as critics, her given her longtime friend a hard time, when in reality, she should be getting sympathy for what she has endured. After all, she was married to Caitlyn for over two decades, and shares two children with the current media sensation.

“I think it is really hard on Kris and I wish that people would empathize with her a little more… Her situation is something that such a small percentage of the world can relate to. I’m sorry but when you come home to a spouse of 24 years and say you want to be a whole different gender – not change jobs, not gay, not in love with someone else – I mean come on!”

Heather McDonald added, “Sorry that she [Kris] was not jumping up and down and like, ‘Hey girl!’ ”

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