Mariah Joins Match

Mariah Carey Turns To — But Not For Reasons You Think [Video]

Could singer Mariah Carey be looking for love? The diva reportedly joined online dating site, causing some to wonder if romance in the real world was so bleak, she needed the help of a digital matchmaker. However, things aren’t quite as they seem.

Although Carey created a profile, it was actually a publicity stunt for her single “Infinity”. The music video for Mariah Carey’s latest tune debuted yesterday. What’s especially interesting is how she chose to introduce the new video to fans: By embedding it in her profile.

It’s an actual profile which, aside from promoting her new music video, shares a few details about the 45-year-old recently divorced mom. Aside from her music career, we learn that Mariah loves cooking, swimming, and yoga. Her ideal man must be at least six feet tall, but other than that, she’s pretty open in terms of looks. Although this profile was created to promote her new song, one wonders if anyone will sincerely reach out to Mariah Carey to form a love connection.

You have to give it to Mariah; not many celebrity singers with music to promote would think of turning to However, it seems that this is a trend that Carey herself did not start. Singer Hillary Duff joined Tinder, and she insisted that her profile was legit. Like Mariah, Hillary is a divorced mom. She also released “Sparks”, a music video that featured a few Tinder dates.

Are we going to see a wave of newly single singers promoting online dating and hook-up sites? Product placement is already pretty common in music videos today. However, this is one form of advertising that may be disappointing. No doubt sites like and Tinder will enjoy the extra publicity, but it seems unfair to suggest that celebrities are really looking to get with the Average Joe if that’s not the case.

It may also feel unfair to see celebrities promoting profiles on a site with a greater deal of success than the average woman who is also looking for love. Or it could create a false hope of likely success.

In any case, this new PR is a much-needed boost for Mariah Carey, who had a shaky beginning in Las Vegas according to some sources. Complex gave a rather scathing review of her show, suggesting that “it’s as bad as everyone says it is.” Hopefully the new single and promo will turn things around for the diva.

[Image Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images]