Oslo, Norway

Guess Where This Pigeon Laid An Egg, Breakfast Anyone? [Video]

As a twist on an old joke, you could ask, “Why did the pigeon cross the kitchen?” A man in Oslo, Norway, was initially upset to find that a local pigeon had defecated all over his apartment. However, his anger turned to hilarity when he saw what else the pigeon had been up to, as it turned out the pigeon laid an egg in his frying pan.

Stian Fjelldal, 38, of Oslo was away from his apartment for a day and when he returned home Monday he found a disgusting mess. A pigeon had managed to get in through an open window and had left feathers and droppings all over the apartment.

On top of that, the bird was still in residence, and Fjellstad told the Norwegian language VG newspaper that naturally the pigeon was terrified when it saw him and immediately panicked, flapping around in the kitchen.

“It was chaos and a lot of feathers. My first thought was to get it out. As I have had doves inside before, I thought, this time I’ll document this.”

So all the while Fjellstad was trying to get the pigeon out of the window, he filmed the action. Once the bird was gone, he looked around to see what damage had been done.

It was at this moment that anger and disgust turned to humor, as he spotted both the beginnings of a nest and an egg in a frying pan on the stove. Yes, the pigeon laid an egg in the frying pan, almost as though this was a normal thing to do.

However Fjellstad said he still had to clean the place and he told Norwegian broadcaster TV2 that he almost felt guilty.

“I had to clean, the kitchen was a total mess. I noticed two doves on the window sill looking at the egg. I almost felt a little guilty.”

According to the Local, Fjellstad was reluctant to remove the beginnings of a nest and the egg and he posted his video to Facebook showing how the pigeon laid an egg in the pan, looking for answers.

One joker suggested he, “Lock the window, clean the kitchen, fry the egg and enjoy yourself,” but another more caring person suggested Fjellstad hatch and bring up the baby pigeon himself.

However, it turns out Fjellstad works for the Norwegian Environment Agency and he thinks the egg might be useful, as they could sample it to test for various pollutants in the area.

Fjellstad also uploaded the video of the pigeon who laid an egg in his kitchen to YouTube, and the footage is included above.

In the meantime, the poor pigeon will have to find somewhere more suitable to create a new nest. We just have to hope that eventually the pigeon laid an egg in a home up in a tree.

In other, rather unusual pigeon related news, the Inquisitr reported recently that a pigeon spy has been jailed in India for “fowl play.” However there was no sign that this particular pigeon laid an egg anywhere suspicious.

[Video: Stian Fjelldal / Photo: Screen grab from video]