‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Spoilers – What We Know So Far [Video]

Warning: This article contains spoilers for American Horror Story: Hotel.

We love Ryan Murphy for his macabre creations in American Horror Story and (we assume) for more of the same in the upcoming Scream Queens series, but if we’re going to be honest, we dislike him to a degree for keeping the details so hush-hush. Still, some details have leaked through during American Horror Story‘s off season and putting them all together, we can begin to make sense of the upcoming American Horror Story: Hotel.

One detail of American Horror Story that may even be out of Murphy’s control has, even so, been as difficult to nail down as any spoiler, and that is the premiere date. It has already been established that AHS fans can expect the American Horror Story premiere in October, but when? If Fox sticks with past premiere dates, American Horror Story: Hotel should premiere within the first week of the month, but in any case, it seems safe to assume that American Horror Story will debut early enough to capitalize on Halloween.

What about the patrons and staff populating American Horror Story: Hotel? Naturally, we have to start with Sarah Paulson. There isn’t much we know about her AHS: Hotel character, because both the actress and Murphy have been typically tight-lipped about what can be expected from Paulson’s new role. We do know Ms. Paulson will be shedding the last remnants of her “good girl” image. Murphy himself has tweeted that Paulson will be playing “the baddest bad girl of them all.”

Equally, little is known about Kathy Bates’ return to American Horror Story for the show’s fifth season, but as with Paulson, Ryan Murphy did throw AHS fans a bone here as well. The American Horror Story showrunner revealed that Ms. Bates would be “running the Hotel” and since Kathy Bates has rarely portrayed a kind, docile matriarch, it’s probably safe to assume that position of power will go to her head.

Matt Bomer, Chloë Sevigny, Wes Bentley, Lady Gaga, Cheyenne Jackson, and Max Greenfield are all set to star in American Horror Story: Hotel in unspecified roles at this point. Of the list, it seems the most intrigue surrounds Lady Gaga with AHS fans wondering what role the singer will fill on American Horror Story. There has been some speculation that she will be the hotel’s resident songstress and as such, will find rivalry in Angela Bassett’s character.

Officially, Angela Bassett’s character is unknown, but the general consensus seems to be that Bassett will be playing legendary jazz singer Lolita Jones, who, as Mr. Murphy has said, “will be making lots of trouble with Lady Gaga in the ballroom and elsewhere.”

Finally, Evan Peters will again be returning for his fifth run with American Horror Story and as is the case with the rest of the cast, Peters’ role is currently unknown. The American Horror Story showrunner tweeted a tease about Evan as well, saying that he would “be waiting for you in Room 64.” While some ladies might like that idea, we suspect that might not actually be a good thing.

That leaves the teasers, or, in this case, teaser. Unfortunately, there has only been one official American Horror Story: Hotel teaser and that one was released months ago just after Lady Gaga was announced as a cast member. For those that may have missed it, check out that AHS: Hotel teaser below.

As mentioned above, American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere in October on FX.

[Featured image courtesy of FX/American Horror Story]