Hollywood Destroying Wiz Khalifa? A$AP Rocky, Amber Rose Say Yes

Wiz Khalifa is still flying high in the music charts, but it appears that critics in the media, other rappers, and his ex-wife have critiques about a bad evolving path in Wiz Khalifa’s life — and all of their opinions seem to center on Hollywood.

In mid-May, an opinion piece about Wiz Khalifa was published in the U.K. by The Guardian. Music writer Ben Westhoff states, “Wiz Khalifa has had the number one song in America for four weeks running… But that doesn’t mean ‘See You Again’ is any good.”

The writer goes on to compare Wiz Khalifa to the Muzak you would hear at a pharmacy.

Who is to blame? Wiz Khalifa started out strong in his career as a rapper, but the U.K. music writer states that signing to Atlantic Records put Wiz on the wrong musical road. The writer says that Atlantic Records has a signature formula for what they want from rappers they sign that involves, “radio-friendly raps buffered by giant song hooks.”

This music critic also stated that Wiz Khalifa’s lyrics started having a slower pace after signing with Atlantic Records. About Blacc Hollywood, the critic says it is, “a lumbering, big-budget collection of hip-hop cliches about women, the club, and getting high, with a motivational tone.”

Another problem with Wiz Khalifa’s current music, according to The Guardian writer, stems from his move to Hollywood and states the following.

“By the time of [Blacc Hollywood’s] release last August, Khalifa’s tatted-up face had become a tabloid mainstay, considering he’d moved to Los Angeles, and married and had a son with Kanye’s ex Amber Rose. This notoriety, combined with the fact that he was rapping slower and more deliberately – he sounds completely different than early in his career – has helped him secure his perch atop the rap pile.”

The U.K. writer concludes with his thoughts about the current trajectory of Wiz Khalifa’s career with, “But as far as I’m concerned, Khalifa’s Pittsburgh incarnation was much more appealing than his Hollywood one.”

Is anyone else blaming Hollywood for the bad things that are happening in Wiz Khalifa’s life? As it turns out, Amber Rose and A$AP Rocky both made negative, Hollywood-related statements about Wiz Khalifa in the recent past.

In an interview on June 2 with Big Boy TV, Amber Rose states that being famous and being in the Hollywood (or celebrity) spotlight may have come between her and Wiz Khalifa.

MTV quotes Amber Rose saying, “We both said that we’d probably be back together if we both weren’t famous…. everybody’s in your damn business, everybody has something to say. It makes life very uncomfortable and it’s really unfortunate…”

In addition to possibly losing the mother of his child because of Hollywood, Wiz Khalifa is also being criticized by A$AP Rocky for his move to the West Coast.

Hip Hop DX printed a story on June 1 where A$AP Rocky says, “I don’t know what’s wrong with Wiz” regarding A$AP Rocky’s opinion that Wiz Khalifa smokes too much marijuana.

A$AP Rocky goes on to say that Wiz Khalifa peer pressured him into smoking marijuana oil in the past. In the same interview, A$AP Rocky also said that part of Wiz Khalifa’s change toward extreme marijuana use comes from Wiz’s new semi-permanent residence on the West Coast.

While those around him may feel Wiz Khalifa is better off not living in Hollywood under the spotlight and surrounded by a cloud of weed smoke, he seems to be settling in nicely.

On June 2, Wiz Khalifa was performing as DJ Daddy Kat at the Argyle in Hollywood — which is one of many shows he has deejayed in Orange County over the past few months.

As far as creating formulaic music, fans might have a chance to see if Wiz Khalifa’s newer music outperforms Blacc Hollywood in the near future. Wiz Khalifa told fans on Twitter on June 2, “Can’t wait to start tour next week and for you guys to see what we’ve been working on.”

According to SongKick, Wiz Khalifa’s concert tour (aside from his club performances as DJ Daddy Kat) begins on June 10 in Camden, New Jersey.

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