‘The Vampire Diaries’: Caroline Dries Shares New Stefan Season 7 Spoiler

The Vampire Diaries cast is enjoying some down time right now, but fans are wondering what Season 7 will bring. Elena is in a casket asleep until the series finale, and Damon will have to live his life without her for at least the next 40 to 50 years.

E! Online shared some new comments from Caroline Dries, the woman in charge of the series now, and she had a few Stefan tidbits for Paul Wesley’s loyal fans.

At the end of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 finale, Stefan told Caroline he would wait for her until she was ready to be with him. This was a tease of what is to come for his character. Stefan has grown a lot over the course of the series, and Season 7 will feature that growth in action. He may be over 160 years old, but the last six years have been a lot to handle for anyone.

What will fans see for Stefan next season on The Vampire Diaries?

“I’m really excited to see Stefan come into his own and he’ll really take to the role of a hero, which will be really cool. He’s always been a hero but I think in a broader sense he’ll become more heroic next season.”

It has already been teased in a previous Inquisitr report that the series will focus on the battle between Lily and her two sons. She has her “family” back, and this will cause some big trouble in Mystic Falls. Enzo will be forced to choose a side during The Vampire Diaries Season 7.

As for the cast, Ian Somerhalder made news in Paris last week. A fan started to cry when the actor denied her and her friends a selfie. He was out for a romantic stroll with Nikki Reed, and he wanted some uninterrupted time, according to International Business Times.

After the incident made headlines, he went to his Instagram to explain the situation.

“Looking at the world through my eyes and always trying to see it through yours. I see you. I see all of you and find great beauty in each set of eyes. Anyone who knows me understands that I spend a great deal of my life with our fans. Our audience. The people that make this show and ISF [Ian Somerhalder Foundation] happen — all with hearts, minds bodies and souls. It blows my mind that a man who tried to love so much, a man asking for one day, just one day to have a quiet walk down the street is so upsetting to people. So much love to you all.”

The cast of The Vampire Diaries will return to work on the series next month. What do you think? Are you ready to see even more heroic behavior out of Stefan Salvatore?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]