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“Food Stamp Fridays” at Alabama Club Angers People

food stamp friday club alabama

At a time when record numbers of Americans rely on food stamps to feed their children and stock their pantries, the topic remains a hot one, with many suspicious of the poor rather than the high-flying financiers that crashed and burned our economy.

Instead of railing against a system that allows banks to treat the government like their own personal money pinatas, a large swath of Americans instead turned their ire toward low-income Americans- demanding the poor submit to drug tests, calling to slash budgets for food and medical assistance and generally decrying a system they believe is straining not due to high unemployment and a chronically weak economy, but instead plagued by laziness.

The anger directed toward food stamp recipients is somewhat puzzling given so many American families are a paycheck or two away from having to queue up at the welfare offices themselves, but promotions like “Food Stamp Friday” do little to quell the outrage, and fuel the frustration many have toward what they see as a system gamed by the poor and not oil companies even as more dump trucks of money were poured upon them by Congress just this week.


So in Alabama, The Rose Supper Club in Montgomery is starting Food Stamp Fridays, where those who present a food stamp benefit card at the door will receive $5 entry. And the promotion has worked in predictably bringing notoriety to Food Stamp Fridays, with all kinds of angriness about people on food stamps spending gubmint money on nightclubs and patron.

Except that food stamps can’t be used for club entry fees. Or liquor. Or any other number of things you can purchase at a nightclub, and to our knowledge, no nightclub in America accepts food stamps for any of its wares. In fact, if you are poor, on food stamps and have a baby, you can’t even buy diapers with them.

Welfare Drug Testing in 23 States

So why exactly are we mad that people on food stamps (many or even most of whom work) are able to scrounge up $5 to get a discounted entry at a nightclub? Should people on food stamps have absolutely no joy in their lives, not even a $5 night out at some busted supper club in Montgomery, Alabama?

Apparently, the Alabama Human Resources Department thinks so, as spokesman Barry Sparks commented that the department does not approve of the promotion, and reiterated that food stamps are to buy food for families with low-incomes.

So far, The Rose Supper Club’s Food Stamp Fridays is set to continue through April.

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53 Responses to ““Food Stamp Fridays” at Alabama Club Angers People”

  1. Doris Schaeffer Belanger

    Most people won't agree with me, but if you have nothing to hide what is the problem? I would love to utilize food stamps but make too much to collect them, even though I'm at poverty level. just saying

  2. Myranda McDaniel

    Ghetto & unclassy. Club should just let people in free on Fridays if they are that hard up.
    Why bring out the worst tippers simultaneously?

  3. Debbie Cosgrove

    Ignorance and Greed offend me much more than some poverty stricken people who might want to spend an evening forgetting that they are poor by socializing and eating out like everyone else.

  4. Elaine McKnight

    hmmm, don't know where to go with this one. I know many people who get food stamps. I don't think its a crime for people who get government benefits need to sit home every second of the day and should be allowed to go out once in a while and have a good time. but too many people are abusing the system and get benefits when they are able bodied and yes in some cases just don't want to work. I can speak for myself when I say I would never have used my food stamps as a way to get discounts into clubs or other such places. I think most self respecting people would be embarrassed to use that as a way to get discounts.

  5. JaTeen Shelaniece Kraft

    I don't care if some broke ass mofos in Alabama flash they EBT or SNAP card to get into the club! I feel sorry for them because I imagine the picking are slim to none for quality future mates at this 'classy' event!! Lol.

  6. Robbin Marx

    Seems to me this Alabama club is doing nothing but bringing something to light that's been going on behind the scenes for years and years and years. People have been trading food stamps for booze, cigarettes and drugs since I can remember. There were women in my hometown who sold themselves for food stamps. They had to feed their kids. Food stamps is as good as money in a grocery store.

  7. Sonya Onlygettingbetter Jackson

    As long as they aren't taking food stamps as payment I don't see what the problem is. A person with low income deserves to have a night out just as much as anyone else. And some clubs cover charges can be a bit pricey, so paying $5 instead of $20 is a much needed break for those that are on a strict budget but need to unwind on a Friday night.

  8. Erica Seda

    Coming from someone who was previously on food stamps, I would have loved to escape poverty for an evening and enjoyed myself like more fortunate folks.

  9. Alisha Smith

    My mom use to let us buy candy or a coke and we would get the change.. (this is back when it was in the form of actual food stamps instead of the card) they would give us change and we would wash clothes with them.. I think she did it to help us get tolietieries also.. but not alcohol or cigs.. but we knew people that did.. I do think that people should be drug tested.. if you have to for work you should to get them.. its sad when they get food stamps and have iphones and name brand things.. when we don't get food stamps and cant afford things like that.. it does annoy me.. but not all people use and abuse the system.. but their are a lot that do.. that is just my 2 cents..

  10. Stacy Smith

    obviously people on food stamps shouldn't be able to buy luxuries such as a night out, clothes that aren't from a thift store, cigarettes, alcohol, music, etc. idiots

  11. Vivian Chamberlain

    then they need to GET A JOB!,i am unemployed,but my husband work, me and our two kids cant afford to eat out,we dont get any asst. even if we are barely hanging in there,and all the jobs ask are u willing to take a drug test? YES i am,so if i have to take a drug test to get a job then people on welfare need to take one in order to get the checks,and food stamps….. Unless u have something to hide, those are the people who are fighting it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Vickie Traver

    I have no problem with poor people going out and having fun; I have been poor; lived in government low income housing; but my husband and I with 4 kids could of never come up with $5.00 to get into a club not alone the money for drinks and food while there; and now that we are making great money again we do not go out and spend money for $5.00 or any $ to get into a night club or on drinks; because we can not afford it; we have bills to pay and kids to support; I am all for having fun; but believe it or not; people that do not get food stamps or government assistants go without nights out all the time! Just because you are poor does not mean you are entitled to nights out; we have lived the life and I can tell you when you can go to payless and buy a pair of shoes for your kid for $5.00 or a thrift shop; that is that is the problem I have with all of this; many times people spend their money on these kinds of things and then have no money for their kids; their utilities; their rent; etc and then they are asking for money from others for that too! Believe it or not you can have fun without drinking or spending a cent people; and when you are poor get a clue you have to do that; just like we have to that are no longer classified as poor!

  13. Vivian Chamberlain

    then they need to GET A JOB!, i am unemployed, but my husband work, me and our two kids cant afford to eat out, we don't get any asst. even if we are barely hanging in there, and all the jobs ask are u willing to take a drug test? YES I am, so if I have to take a drug test to get a job then people on welfare need to take one in order to get the checks, and food stamps….. Unless u have something to hide, those are the people who are fighting it!

  14. Amy Collins

    Stacy Smith so we have always been a working family and still need that extra help to feed the family, are you saying i should never get a night away with my husband?! are you serious? you are not supporting me nor is anyone else…we both work and pay taxes, so i deserve dinner out just as much as the next person.

  15. Debbie Cosgrove

    General Electric didnt pay one dime in taxes last year …but my tax dollars went to care for those who were poisoned by them dumping pollutants in the Hudson River …I wont complain about some Food Stamps
    nor should most of us ..all welfare combined …doesnt even come 2% of the budget ..Corporate Welfare is the problem ….Google it

  16. Doris Nagel

    You ladies who railed against Stacy's comment missed her sarcasm–she was agreeing with you! The word "idiots" was the clue. Having worked many years in social services I can tell you that most folks who use food stamps or a fod pantry would rather NOT! Struggling families deserve treats and nights out and cakes and…you get the idea–

  17. Stacy Smith

    Amy Collins IT WAS SARCASM! sorry i thought that was pretty obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Stacy Smith

    Debbie Cosgrove it was sarcasm!!!!!!! and btw people can go to schools that are religiously affliated without being that religion. is everyone at notre dame catholic? is everyone at brigham young mormon?? LOL

  19. Amy Collins

    Well it wasn't clear to me who she was saying "idiots" to…if it was all meant sarcastically then I will redirect my statement to anyone who does feel that way. I do believe however if you are on them you should not be buying cigarettes at $8 a pack. That is money that could be spent on your family in other ways.

  20. Dessie Kunsevitch

    Nothing wrong with wanting to have a good time. It even says they can't buy booze so what is the big deal

  21. Stacy Smith

    none of those are really 'luxuries', which i thought would make the irony clear. by 'idiots' i was referring to the people the article was about (the angry people). it's absolutely ridiculous that people would get mad about individuals on food stamps spending money on a night out. no one knows what it's like until they've been there themselves. individuals love to blame the poor and scapegoat 'laziness', when it's really a broken american capitalism system.

  22. Kelleigh Valdez

    Some fkn redneck white trash welfare case won the lottery huh……fkrs

  23. Myranda McDaniel

    Kelleigh Valdez look up the story, just a couple of weeks ago a woman won the lottery & was still claiming food stamps because she felt she was entitled having to pay for 2 HOUSES………….

  24. Kat Jackson

    I agree with the welfare system requiring drug testing and I hope someday its passes into law. I don't care if people on food stamps get a discount for s night out. However my husband and I work full time we DO NOT receive any support services. We have 2 children because that's what we can afford. I think if people would be more fiscally responsible and live within their means there would be less fraud waste and abuse in the welfare system. Disabled elderly widowed victims of domestic violence those should be recipients of welfare services. Those stricken by a natural disaster or housefire. Not people who are too good to work fast food or retail who always have job openings. Or work more than 1 job to survive.

  25. Sherri Kowalski

    Doris….Like you, I work full time, but I make about $150/month too much to collect food stamps. That makes it very tough financially. I've had an eye appointment (because of borderline glaucoma) that I have cancelled 3X now due to a $50 copay. That $50 copay is almost half of my weekly grocery money. If I could collect a small amount of food stamps, it would help greatly. I WOULD be able to afford that copay for my appointment. What are you going to do? You've got to eat, right? It's frustrating, to say the least.

  26. Pam Onuszkanycz

    Debbie Cosgrove If I remember correctly, GE is a big Obama supporter. I have had relatives on assistance when they really needed it. I do not, however, agree with government support to buy many name brand shoes, clothing, etc. Food stamp fraud has gone on for years. The money spent on booze at a club could help with bills.

  27. Kaylana Haynes

    First and foremost if you read the article it specifically says that all they do is present the card to the door to get a discount. They are not utlizing them to get into the club and as far as I'm concerned every parent needs a break so if just by showing the card you get a discount (just like you do w/ a military id ) I honestly see nothing wrong with it.

  28. Alisha Smith

    Debbie Cosgrove I wasnt saying that it was the only problem but that is the subject they were speaking of.. and there are some that abuse the system. I think the government is to blame for a great many things. I also think that if they legalized weed it would help our economy and a lot of people suffering with health problems. where i live at least 4 times a year we get a letter saying to boil our water.. its disgusting.. we wash with it but we dont drink it.. we use to drink well water never had any problems..

  29. Kathy Horgan

    Hi Doris . I'm pro food stamps for all who qualify. I believe the over zealous people who are listening to to 'sound bites' are uniformed. Most are buying into the political manipulation. Here food stamps have become public enemy # 1; and voters aren't asking the most important questions facing our nation. Becoming educated about the nation's challanges; and asking our poloticians what they can do to move the nation forward. Please educate yourselfs, whatever you choose to belive, who you prefer to lead you, in local, state, etc. concerning the issues affecting our nation. Please forgive my typos and misspelling. My PCi is not doing well. Doris, I've a question for you. Why, as a senior in High School would you even consider applying for food stamps? You say your one of the many @ poverty level today. This is due to the recession we are in. The economy is in such a dire straights. The future of the U.S.A. is too important to be concerned w/ food stamps; and any of the social programs. The budget , circular, is portioned out w/ so much allotted to the defense, the Dept. of the Interior etc. Of the budget pie, the tiniest, truly tiniest sliver of the piece of the pie is alloted to food stamps, etc. One , exspecially learned, would be somewhat embarressed w/ the amount allotted to the programs to assist the families, elderly, etc. Again, Doris I'm somewhat stunned that you applied for food stamps; and are somewhat pissed off. As a senior in high school are you living on your own? If so, do you live w/ a boyfriend? When you applied for the stamps did you report only your income? If so, that would be illeagal. I'm not, Doris accussing you of any improprieties. I know nothing about your current lifestyle. I only know your a High School senior, living @ the poverty level and upset about food stamp recipents; and the fact that you do not qualify. I went off on a tangent, I'm hoping tthat others will read, respond, & please become informed. Thank you.

  30. Debbie Cosgrove

    Alisha Smith OMG …sorry to hear that ..and I understand your point …I just feel like there is a war ..not on poverty ..but on the impoverished …and I find that unacceptable ..if Americans spent half as much time paying attention to the real issues as they do attacking the poor this country would be far better off ..but its always easier to attack those who are least able to defend themselves it seems ..time for us to stop acting like Pitbulls and start acting like Patriots ..End the United State of the Corporations and stand up and take this country back from the fascists …but first we have to stop dividing ourselves by color , sex , sexual orientation , religion and any other tool the 1% uses to keep us enslaved ..not the least of which is MONEY !

  31. Kathy Horgan

    Debbie Cosgrove , finally one of the real inteligent people who have spoken out on this subject. Pathetic Debbi, the above commen made w/ conviction. They have not a clue as to what is the real issues. Frightening eh?

  32. Pam Onuszkanycz

    That's been going on for years and hurts those who are really in need.

  33. Kathy Horgan

    Food stamps are money in grocery stores. Your experience sounds like you came up in a very poor, urban, drug infested neighborhood. How fortunate you experienced only from the 'outside' & Robbin Haze what did your family do that kept you living in the 'hood' and yet were able to save you from all thre trappings of such a vile part of the city? You should write a small piece on that part of your life. How many school age children it may inspire.

  34. Robbin Marx

    Kathy Horgan I was raised in the woods. In the holler.. Backwoods folks got food stamps and welfare checks and some didn't even know how to go about contacting the state or country for help..Some were more "worldly". They received state funds and sold them for beer money and smokes and marijuana and now pills. Husbands were sometimes no good…drunks and losers and they made a lot of children and their wives were ignorant of contraception and thought that a woman's place was to bare children and give into rotten husbands no matter what.. I am in my mid-fifties and came of age in the 70s but where I came from people were still depression-era living. A couple of desperate women, women so beaten down they had lost all respect or feeling of self worth prostituted themselves for money to clothe and feed their youngins.. Nothing was ever said about it.. I remember some being too sad and busted that they detached. The rural alleghany mountains is a hard place to grow up. Maryland, West Virginia and South western pennsylvania are a proud but poor people.

  35. Bobby Owen

    Foodstamps are welfare. If you don't work you shouldn't eat. Why should someone else pay for your lazy ass? If you punished poverty you would get less of it. Maybe if you were starving like the jews in Dachau you would let your smartphone and your escalade go back and concentrate on feeding yourself.

  36. Kathy Horgan

    Sherri Kowalski I feel for you. I've been unable to see my eye doctor in 4 months. I will tell you that in most communities there are food pantrys held once per week,or monthlly. If the pantrys aren't in your town then there will near or in the city. The Churches ( all denominations ) are also a good resource. When the 'working' poor, fall between the cracks there are ways to help one another . Good Lucjk

  37. Stacey Hill

    Thats funny and the so quote unquote statistics they posted are wrong. There are more people on welfare that dont work then do work, and its the fact that a large percentage of them are fraudung the system one way or the other. The system is designed to help people that need help ie: working poor ( those that actually work) who are usually denied benefits because minimum wage puts them too high income wise. So, lets be honest, its for the lazy.

  38. Bev Dobbins

    There are many churches that provide food, clothes and other things to the needy. I think this is the key – not government but with that said, I noticed that some used the phrase "let's go churchin". Going from place to place, hoarding food they did not really need (3 turkeys at a time by a single woman). The help is out there in many places for you folks, just don't take advantage please.

  39. Sara Skinner

    Sherri Kowalski would like to ask if you live in the part of the county that has a share program, if so see if that could help with food so you could use the money for your doc.

  40. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Yes, isn't it so evil and selfish of those of us who are working to pay the taxes that they use to fund food stamps and other government programs to expect those who recieve them to live by the same rules we do. I am all for helping those who are going through a hard time, but I am sick of supporting those who think they are owed something because they are breathing American air.

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