food stamp friday club alabama

“Food Stamp Fridays” at Alabama Club Angers People

At a time when record numbers of Americans rely on food stamps to feed their children and stock their pantries, the topic remains a hot one, with many suspicious of the poor rather than the high-flying financiers that crashed and burned our economy.

Instead of railing against a system that allows banks to treat the government like their own personal money pinatas, a large swath of Americans instead turned their ire toward low-income Americans- demanding the poor submit to drug tests, calling to slash budgets for food and medical assistance and generally decrying a system they believe is straining not due to high unemployment and a chronically weak economy, but instead plagued by laziness.

The anger directed toward food stamp recipients is somewhat puzzling given so many American families are a paycheck or two away from having to queue up at the welfare offices themselves, but promotions like “Food Stamp Friday” do little to quell the outrage, and fuel the frustration many have toward what they see as a system gamed by the poor and not oil companies even as more dump trucks of money were poured upon them by Congress just this week.