Erving Walker, Senior UF Guard, Arrested for Stealing a Taco, Evading Police

Florida basketball player Erving Walker, who wrapped up his senior year playing with the Gators in the Elite Eight against Louisville last week, was arrested early Friday morning after stealing a $3 taco from a local street vendor, according to the Gainesville Police Department.

According to the arrest report, Walker, UF’s all-time assist leader and its fourth leading scorer, ordered a taco from a 26-year-old Tacos Locos street vendor, received the food, then ran away without paying. When a police officer caught up with him and yelled for him to stop, Walker kept going, the report said.

The 22-year-old Walker was eventually caught – with the help of several marked patrol cars – several blocks later. ESPN writes that Walker admitted to stealing the taco but said he was “just playing around.”

Though he was not taken to jail, Walker was charged with two misdemeanors, petty theft and resisting an officer without violence.

He is scheduled to appear in court April 19 at 9am.

The Palm Beach Post reports that prior to taco incident, Erving Walker had only one misdemeanor on his record for resisting an officer without violence in 2008. He pleaded no contest and received deferred prosecution.

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