Liam Neeson Confirmed To Appear In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Speculation that Liam Neeson will be reprising his role as Ra’s al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises has been going on for the past year, and now all of that speculation can finally be put to rest: Neeson’s appearance in The Dark Knight Rises has been confirmed.

The speculation kicked into high gear last year when Neeson was reportedly spotted filming a scene in June 2011. The speculation recently started again after ComicBookMovie got their hands on production notes for Wrath of the Titans, which listed The Dark Knight Rises as one of Neeson’s upcoming projects.

To put it all to rest, CNN caught up with Neeson at a press event for Wrath of the Titans, and asked him if all of the talk was true. Neeson had this to say: “”I think so. I have no idea what the story is about. Nothing. Nothing. Seriously, I’m not sure if I’m still in it. It’s a cameo – let’s put it that way – if it still survives.”

CNN continued in its report:

As far as Warner Bros., the studio behind both “Wrath” and “Dark Knight Rises,” is concerned, Neeson will definitely be in the long-awaited threequel. (Warner Bros. Pictures, is, by the way, owned by Time Warner, which owns CNN.)

As you may recall from Batman Begins, Ra’s al Ghul, Neeson’s character, was killed off towards the end of the movie. Judging by Neeson’s comments to CNN, it sounds like his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises will be nothing more than a flashback scene. Nothing is certain, however, and we’ll have to wait until the movie opens in theaters this July to find out for sure.

Would you like to see Liam Neeson’s character return in The Dark Knight Rises outside of a flashback, or should Ra’s al Ghul stay dead?

Source: CNN