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WWE News: Update On Stone Cold Steve Austin Calling ‘WWE Raw’ ‘Wrestling For Morons’

It’s fair to say that Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWE have seen their share of ups and downs. Earlier in Austin’s career, he left and took his ball and went home. As history tells the WWE fans, Austin ended up mending his relationship with Vince McMahon and he returned to work. Since then, Austin and WWE have kept a great business partnership over the years.

To stay on the side of Austin’s criticism of WWE, he recently talked to Sam Roberts of Sirius XM about the WWE. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Stone Cold Steve Austin called WWE Raw“wrestling for morons.”

“It’s simple, it’s to the point,” said Austin of the NXT product. “It’s not dumbed down like Monday Night RAW.”

Austin continued, “On Monday Night RAW it’s like they want to fill in every blank for you. It’s like wrestling for morons. They’ve over thought it.”

Now, Austin was very blunt when talking about WWE Raw on the podcast. He basically said the WWE’s flagship show was dumbed down for WWE fans so they don’t have to think hard about the product. Austin’s comments are justified, as three hours is very hard to produce. Triple H even admitted that on Stone Cold’s podcast.

Austin went into further detail as to why a show like WWE NXT is easier to book, write and produce.

“It’s a one hour show, I get it,” said Austin of NXT television. “I like the format of the NXT show.”

The former-WWE champion makes a great point, which is why WWE NXT is so successful. Every single show makes the WWE fans want more after it concludes. That’s the beauty of the one-hour program. Even when WWE Raw was two hours, they didn’t have to add filler matches or pointless backstage segments.

That’s not to say the new format of WWE Raw does that, but the writers have to book another hour of television. When Triple H admitted that on Austin’s podcast, it was as if the WWE fans finally heard the truth. WWE’s flagship show is still getting a 3.0 in the ratings. There’s nothing to worry about as WWE fans, except if they will go back to two hours.

WWE NXT and WWE Raw are two different entities, which is why Triple H is treating it as a separate brand. Stone Cold Steve Austin is correct when he says that WWE NXT is simple. However, due to WWE Raw’s success and his ongoing relationship with the WWE, there may be consequences to that critique.

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