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Ed Sheeran Confesses Love For Marijuana, Debuts A New Song About It — ‘I’m So D*** High’

Ed Sheeran has a penchant for shocking his fans lately. After establishing himself as a good-natured romantic songwriter, many of his followers are continually surprised by some of his bad boy decisions. And Sheeran is at it again, having written a song called “Sweet Mary Jane” devoted to smoking marijuana.

According to Fuse, Ed Sheeran performed the new song on May 29 at the Forest Hills Stadium in Queens. You can see the full performance in the video below.

Sheeran’s lyrics feature much of the same gentle, romantic imagery that he’s known for. But this time, the love seems to be directed at a recreational drug rather than a woman.

“I woke up early looking out my bedroom window at the Amsterdam sky / Oh baby I was high last night / Cafe clouds and red lights,” he sings. “I’m so damn high / Can you see my eyes?”

Ed Sheeran even goes so far as to call marijuana “the one.”

Despite taking a few fans by surprise, many of Ed Sheeran’s devoted followers responded positively to the new song, according to Xpose. One fan commented on the video to praise the tender pot ballad, “How does Ed Sheeran make a song about smoking weed sound so lovely?”

But not everyone was happy with “Sweet Mary Jane.”

“Love him and the song is extremely catchy, but I’m disappointed,” said another young fan. “Ed needs to lay off the alcohol and weed. Seems like he’s getting a little too caught up in the things that could lead to his downfall. I’m not a fan of glorifying drugs through music, but I also just hope he takes better care of himself, including cutting out the smoking. Ed is an absolute gift to music. Hoping he’s able to share that gift with us for years to come.”

The decision to both write and perform “Sweet Mary Jane” is a strange one, since Ed Sheeran reportedly vowed to stop smoking marijuana during an interview with Q magazine. According to Metro, Ed Sheeran hadn’t smoked it since he hung out with the rapper The Game more than two years ago.

“The last time was with The Game in LA. I thought, ‘When in Rome.'”

Does the new song mean Ed Sheeran has fallen off the wagon, or is he simply singing about the good old days when he still smoked marijuana? What do you think?

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