Islamic State takes dam in Iraq

Islamic State Strikes Iraq Base, Kills 45 Police Officers In Suicide Bomb Attack

Recently, the Islamic State (also known as ISIS and ISIL) have been more aggressive in their attacks against those who would oppose their agenda. As a result, more suicide bomb attacks are happening. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on such attacks including one last year in Baghdad that killed 26 people and wounded 60 others. Even the mere rumor of a suicide bombing is no laughing matter as a shopping mall in the United States went on high alert for a possible suicide bomb attack.

Though many countries who deal with the Islamic State are probably more prepared now than before to counter the terrorist group’s suicide bomb attacks, they at times are still hit. In such a case, the Islamic State recently initiated a suicide bomb attack on an Iraqi base, in which 45 police officers have been killed.

According to BBC News, Islamic State suicide bombers attacked an Iraqi base located on a road connecting the cities of Falluja and Samarra. As mentioned, 45 police officers were killed in the attack, including several who were high-ranking.

More details of the attack were provided by a security source in the Anbar Operations Command. Apparently, the suicide bomb attack involved three heavily-armored U.S. military Humvee vehicles captured by the Islamic State. They were strapped and packed with numerous explosives before being rammed into the headquarters of the 3rd Battalion of the Iraqi Federal Police’s 21st Brigade. The bomb blast was able to ignite the ammunition depot, which resulted in a large explosion.

The suicide bomb attack is just one of many instances caused by the constant warfare happening in the area known as the Anbar Province. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Islamic State has made this province the focal point of their expansion into Iraq. Last month, they seized the city of Ramadi, a major defeat for Iraq’s military. The defeat also brought Barack Obama and his strategy to combat the Islamic State under further scrutiny.

As of now, the attack is a setback for Iraqi forces. The base would have been used as one of the initial points for their attempt to reclaim the city of Ramadi.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]