Tiny Fey And Amy Schumer Share Passionate Kiss Onstage At Peabody Awards

Tiny Fey And Amy Schumer Share Passionate Kiss Onstage At Peabody Awards

Tina Fey had a surprise for Amy Schumer at the Peabody Awards — a big onstage kiss.

The 30 Rock creator showed up as a surprise presenter at the award ceremony, praising Schumer for her groundbreaking work on the Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer.

“Many people will tell you that you can never ever joke about rape, but it is all about context and point of view, and Amy and the Inside Amy Schumer show’s brilliant sketch about sexual abuse in the military as filtered through violent, combat videogames was inarguably funny and so, so rapey,” Fey told the audience.

Tina Fey also had some big praise for Amy Schumer, telling the Peabody audience that the former Last Comic Standing contestant is one of the best comedians working today.

“Amy Schumer is killing it right now, as the agents like to say,” Fey said. “Usually they are lying. But in this case it is true. Amy is killing it. She is the biggest deal in comedy right now.”

Schumer has gotten quite a bit of critical acclaim for her show, which has tackled a number of hot-button issues. She has also seen her career take off, earning her first leading role in the movie Trainwreck and appeared (naked) on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Schumer, who doesn’t sport the typical Hollywood physique, said she was proud to show herself as she is.

Tina Fey explained that Amy Schumer was in on the idea to kiss onstage, and that she loved the idea.

“I really wanted to come down here tonight, and in a Madonna kind of way try to, like, feed off her youth and maybe suck her soul out in a very awkward, staged lesbian kiss,” Fey explained. “But when I pitched that idea to Amy’s camp, they came back with such an immediate ‘yes’ that it kind of grossed me out.”

The kiss had quite a big audience. Pivot, which aired the Peabody Awards, tweeted out an image of the smooch.

Tina Fey and Amy Schumer may now share a famous Peabody Awards moment, but Tina isn’t the only woman to make out with Amy. This April, Schumer was seen making out with Amber Rose at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards as the show went out to commercials.

[Image via Getty Images / Ilya S. Savenok]