Body found in suitcase

Body Found In Suitcase At Train Station Was Of An Elderly Woman

According to Fox News, the body found in a suitcase in a Tokyo train station was that of an elderly woman. The suitcase had been unclaimed for a little over a month. When a worker at Japan’s Tokyo Station opened the suitcase, he was shocked to discover the body inside.

Major Japanese train stations have plenty of lockers for travelers to store items temporarily. It is standard practice for the train stations to hold abandoned luggage for a month to see if anyone claims it. When no one had claimed the suitcase after a month, the discovery was made on May 31.

The suitcase was found in a temporary storage area at Tokyo’s main train station. It was believed to have been left in the unlocked coin locker on April 26. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police said the body has not been identified, but it was of an elderly woman who appeared to be between 70- and 90-years-old and seems to have been 4-feet, 7-inches tall. Her body was curled up inside the suitcase.

Junichi Omoto spoke on behalf of the regional train company JR East. He said everyone was surprised and horrified.

“The suitcase was described as bright yellow suitcase, and it measured 28 by 20 by 10 inches. Nothing unusual was observed about the suitcase, no odor or anything.”

CNN reported that police in Japan are trying to identify the body of the elderly woman that was found stuffed inside the suitcase. Police have not uncovered any clues about the elderly woman.

An investigation is ongoing about the woman’s identity and the cause of her death. Police are also examining security camera footage for clues about the person who left the suitcase over a month ago.

JR Tokyo station is one of busiest stations in Japan, with more than 3,000 trains passing through it daily.

“It will take some time, but no doubt police will find out who the woman was and how she ended up inside a locker in the train station.”

The train station is the terminus for a number of other train lines. It is also a connection point for many suburban and subway routes. Therefore, a lot of people have been through that train station within the month the suitcase was there.

This is not the only time there has been news about a body stuffed in a suitcase. In a previous article by the Inquisitr, a woman was found in a suitcase that had been there for about two years.

[Image via Japan Times]