Experiment Proves Einstein’s Theory About The Universe Correct

Experiment Proves Einstein’s Theory About The Universe Correct

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, has been proven correct in a recent experiment by scientists reports the Telegraph. The Theory of Relativity predicts the speed at which galaxies move toward each other and the rate at which the universe is expanding.

A team of cosmologists from the University of Portsmouth and the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics examined the period between five and six billion years ago (when the universe was almost half its estimated present age).

The team announced the findings at the National Astronomy Meeting being held at the University of Manchester. The most accurate measurement ever made from when the expansion of the universe began to accelerate, within 1.7 % accuracy.

Team member Dr. Rita Tojeiro stated:

“The results are the best measurement of an intergalactic distance ever made, which means cosmologists are closer than ever to understanding why the universe’s expansion is accelerating.”

She continued on to say:

“One of the Great things about Einstein’s general theory of relativity is that it is testable. Our results support the theory and are fully consistent with the notion that constant vacuum energy- empty space creating a repulsive force – is driving the acceleration of the universe.”

The experiment was meant to follow an observation that was conducted by scientists in 1998. Scientists studied the brightness of stellar explosions to find out that the universe is expanding at an increasing rate of pace, contrary to our current understanding of fundamental physics.