Lil Wayne Caught On Camera Brawling With Referee At ‘Stop The Violence’ Charity Event [Video]

Lil’ Wayne definitely doesn’t like to feel cheated, and footage of his most recent altercation makes that quite clear. What started out as a charity event to promote non-violence ironically took a violent turn when Wayne became embroiled in a verbal confrontation with one the referees.

According to TMZ, the 4th annual “Loose Cannon” Celebrity Basketball Game took place at the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis on the evening of Sunday, May 31.

The charity game was reportedly organized by the promoter, Loose Cannon, to encourage non-violence, with a percentage of the proceeds being donating to the “Put Down The Pistol” campaign. The Grammy Award-winning New Orleans rapper served as coach for his Young Money team during the game billed as “Slim’s LooseCannon Vs. Lil Wayne’s Young Money.”

The game was like any other basketball game until a referee made a call Lil Wayne did not agree with. Apparently, the crowd didn’t agree with the questionable call either, because many onlookers could be heard booing the referee and yelling, “No!”

However, it definitely didn’t take long for the “Believe Me” rapper to make his frustrations known. Footage taped at the game shows him attempting to confront the referee. Wayne can be seen walking behind the referee as his team makes an effort to diffuse to altercation. Although it was not filmed, many onlookers have stated that Wayne had spit on the referee, which caused him to walk away.

Surprisingly, many fans were actually shocked by Wayne’s behavior, since the game was just a charity event. Many can be heard asking, “Is he really mad?” Apparently, he was, and this isn’t his first confrontation of this nature.

According to All Hip Hop, Wayne has had a number of run-ins over the past couple years. From snapping at cameramen to publicly confronting celebrities, there are a number of incidents that will leave you wondering if the “A-Milli” rapper is actually a “loose cannon” himself. Although the police were called to the charity basketball game on May 31, Lil Wayne was not arrested.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]