Vaporizer Review: Five Of The Best From Vapornation

When it comes to the world of vaping, it’s often hard to know exactly which product is best for you, as there are so many vaporizers on the market these days.

That being said, it is important to be informed before you purchase your hardware, so that you can ensure you make the right choice to suit your specific needs.

Having taken the five vaporizers reviewed in this article for a test drive, we found that, while they all did a similar job, there were big differences in performance, vapor produced, and effect.

There’s also the more personal factor, as what works for some people doesn’t work so well for others, so how do you know which vaporizer to choose for your plant material or concentrates?

With many people moving away from combustion as a means of intaking their plant material, as it is known to produce dangerous carcinogens associated with cancer and respiratory issues, droves of smokers are embracing the world of vaping, as it is considered to be much safer than combusting.

With the fairly recent legalization of Marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington, vaping offers those who use medical marijuana a safer alternative to smoking, as well as offering people who use it recreationally a better option than smelling like an ashtray.

While some people prefer a more stealthy desktop vaporizer, others are more into precise digital displays, flashing LEDs, and even remote controls.

We’d like to give a big shout out to for sending us these vaporizers for review.

Check out our review of these five vaporizers, so that when it comes to making your purchase you are well-advised as to which of them suits your specific needs.

Vapir Rise 2.0


In the box:

The Vapir Rise 2.0 is a revolutionary vaporizer which offers a high quality vaping experience with the most cutting edge technology available on the market today. The product in the box is substantial, including various bits and pieces to ensure you enjoy the best possible vapor quality. While the Vapir Rise 2.0 offers users the option of vaping dry herb mixtures as well as oils and concentrates, it also sports a digital display which means you can choose the precise temperature for your material for an awesome experience each and every time.

Out of the box:

Out of the box, the Vapir Rise 2.0 is a free standing desktop style vaporizer which can be used either with a whip or with a balloon-style system, depending on your mood. While the vapor produced isn’t quite on the level of the Volcano, for example, there’s no question that the Vapir Rise 2.0 is a serious piece of kit, having been improved greatly since the original version.

The Vapir Rise 2.0 is unique on the market in terms of the group vaping option it offers. As such, up to three whips can be connected to the base via the inhalation adaptor provided so that friends can enjoy vaping the same material at the same time.

The new version 2.0 offers a “no fan mode” option, whereby the fan output can be raised to high or set to zero, according to your preference. The improved design can be set to 420˚ F, meaning that materials can be enjoyed at the highest temperatures without any combustion taking place.

The Vapir Rise 2.0 offers an advanced balloon system which makes filling a bag easier than ever, without compromising on vapor quality at all.

While the product provides a wholesome vaping experience due to its durable design, it also ensures clean vapor production due to the stainless steel components on-board.


There’s no question that the Vapir Rise 2.0 is at the higher end of the market when it comes to desktop vaporizers, offering a superior vaping experience than many of its counterparts. The temperature control can be set either to Celsius or Fahrenheit and the fact that a whip, multiple whips, or balloons can be used, makes the Vapir Rise 2.0 a serious contender on the ever-more-popular vaporizer market for people who are interested in a substantial vaping experience.


While we enjoyed the Vapir Rise 2.0 and found it to be well-built, it is not on the level, in our opinion, of the Volcano or the Herbalizer, even though the ease of use and vapor quality is good. We found it not to be as economical as other desktops in terms of effect from material.

You can get more details about the Vapir Rise 2.0 from the vapornation website by clicking this link.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO


In the box:

The VapeXhale Cloud Evo is an awesome piece of kit no matter which way you look at it. Presented well in sturdy, good quality packaging, the EVO is a step up from other vaporizers on the market and that fact is reflected in the price, which is higher than some other desktops. There is NO question that the EVO is head and shoulders above the other vaporizers reviewed here, and is definitely a contender for the best desktop vaporizer available on the market today.

Out of the box:

The first thing that strikes when unboxing the EVO is the fact that it looks more like an intricate glass bong than a vaporizer. The product comes in two pieces, and this makes it simple to use even for those who have never tried vaporizing before. A simple analog dial lets you set the temperature, and then the dry herb material is placed in a small metal holder and placed into the plastic base. The glass head, which the holder fits into, changes color when the material is ready to be vaped.

The user draws high quality thick cloud vapor into the glass attachment, which is placed on top of the base, which is filled with water for the ultimate in clean vapor delivery.


The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is one hard hitting piece of equipment and, due to its ease of use, can be enjoyed by anyone, even those who are beginners to the world of vaping. The EVO offers massive clouds when used at higher temperatures and can even be utilized as a straightforward bong, using combustion for those who want to take things to the next level. The EVO is simple to clean and can be stored easily and stealthily due to the fact that it’s quite small.


The fact that the EVO is such a big hitter means that novices need to beware of what they have in their hands when it comes to this product. As the vapor enters the lungs only when the top glass bong piece is lifted off the base, this means that some pretty large lung capacity is needed to enjoy the EVO to its fullest. Vapers also need to beware of the fact that if they turn the analog dial too high, they will not be vaping at all, but rather combusting material, just like a conventional bong.

You can get more details about the VapeXhale Cloud Evo from the vapornation website by clicking this link.

Vaporfection ViVape V2


In the box:

The ViVape V2 is by far the sexiest looking of all the vaporizers we have reviewed, and that is clear from the sleek boxing it comes in, as well as the compact and clinical look of the unit itself. The ViVape V2 offers a whip delivery system as well as a good quality (albeit slightly fiddly) balloon system.

Out of the box:

It has often been said that if Apple Inc. designed a vaporizer, it would look something like the ViVape V2 and that is a fact if you consider that it actually looks like an Apple appliance, especially the white colored version which we reviewed. The handy touch screen adds an additional element of control, as the temperature can be set in either celsius or fahrenheit. The whip head and base is made of good quality glass, as is the tube where the whip is placed when the material is ready to vape. That glass tube changes color to let the user know that the unit is good to go.

The unit fits neatly on a desktop and is definitely the stealthiest of all the desktop vaporizers reviewed. It is so inconspicuous that it is unlikely that anyone would think it was anything other than a large battery pack or some kind of external hard drive.


The main pro when it comes to the ViVape V2 is the unit’s elegant looks, but it also delivers a smooth and constant vapor from well-ground material. The Vi is also a hard-hitter, relative to other vaporizers in its price range, and heats up very quickly, making it convenient and simple to use. Another great advantage of the Vi is that it is quiet and virtually inaudible, apart from when the fan is set high or when the unit is cooling down.


With all its sexiness, the Vi does have its issues and that makes it less of an all-round performer in our opinion, especially when compared with the Volcano or the VapeXhale Cloud EVO. Firstly, the glass herb chamber is hard to access and even harder to clean, as well as the issue of having to pack quite a bit of material to achieve large clouds. The only other con for us was the fact that, even in whip mode, the fan is always running, which results in a fair amount of lost vapor, meaning the user has to insert and remove the herb chamber after each inhale.

You can get more details about the Vaporfection ViVape V2 from the vapornation website by clicking this link.

Silver Surfer


In the box:

Just one look at the Silver Surfer Vaporizer and you can tell that it is distinct from anything else you can find in the market. The product is manufactured in Colorado, comes with a 3 year warranty, and is available in varying designs. Likewise, unlike what the name implies, the unit is sold in a wide range of colors, including orange, red, blue, silver, green, and black, which therefore provides the customer with many options to select from based on their individual preference.

Out of the box:

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer has an indicator that guides the user in adjusting the temperature, whereby it brightens or dims depending on whether you increase or reduce the temperature. Additional features included comprise a case that is padded to ensure safety of the unit whenever it needs to be carried around, a glass mouth piece, and a glass stirring tool. Besides that, the unit has replacement screens, which come in handy when the one you have in place gets too dirty or clogged. Furthermore, the vaporizer comes with a hands free connection.


The system is not only easy to use, but also produces high quality vapor that gives a pleasant taste. In addition, its silicone whip provides added flexibility since it doesn’t get coiled up whenever the unit is in use. Also, this type of tubing limits the amount of resin absorbed while ensuring that the only thing the user tastes is vapor flavor. Other than that, the hands free connection makes it possible to vape without having to hold the whip and with this, you can experience complete relaxation throughout a session.


The main downside to the Silver Surfer vaporizer is that it includes a silicone whip that needs to be cleaned every so often. Other than that, the unit is well build and it performs well.

You can get more details about the Silver Surfer Vaporizer from the vapornation website by clicking this link.

Arizer Extreme Q

Extreme Q

In the box:

The Extreme-Q vaporizer is a suitable choice for someone looking to enjoy quality vaping without having to pay for a top-tier product. Other than its user friendly design, the vaporizer has a fast heat up time of 1-3 minutes. In addition, it presents the user with two vaping options in that it can either be used with a balloon system or with a whip, depending on your preference.

Out of the box:

The unit comes with a remote control, which ensures minimum hassle and allows easy control. Besides that, it features a timer that facilitates automatic shut down, depending on how the timer is customized.

What’s more, the vaporizer comes with a stirring tool which makes it easy for the user to mix up their dry plant material to enable even vaping during a session. A cyclone bowl, a potpourri dish, and a power adaptor are the other additional features that are sold with the Extreme-Q vaporizer. The unit’s three foot whip is yet another great addition, as it enhances the overall vaping experience.


If you need a vaporizer that can satisfactorily vaporize dry herbs, the Extreme-Q vaporizer is a worthy buy. Other than being affordable, the unit is uncomplicated and has features that present great value for money. The Extreme Q vaporizer is also quieter and more efficient than previous models, as significant improvements have been made to the design. Furthermore, the unit has a glass heater, which presents the user with a pure way to vaporize. Overall, the entire unit is easy to use and a breeze to clean.


The main disadvantage associated with the Extreme-Q vaporizer is that the glass piece attached to it heats up while the vaporizer is in use. This means any mishandling at such a time can cause harm to the user. Also, the bags that come with the unit are cheaply made compared to those of higher priced vaporizers, such as the Volcano.

You can get more details about the Arizer Extreme Q from the vapornation website by clicking this link.

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