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Investment Banker Jumps To Death: Man Commits Suicide After ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Type Party

A promising investment banker who was described as “talented” and a “positive force” by fellow workers jumped 200 feet to his death Thursday from his Manhattan apartment. NYPD is investigating Thomas J. Hughes’ fatal plunge as a suicide. Investigators found evidence of Wolf of Wall Street-style drug use in the man’s 24th-floor residence. The victim’s father believes the young financial professional committed suicide after using illicit drugs to cope with a stressful work environment.

Hughes, 29, an investment banker at Moelis & Company in New York, was found dead at 10:40 a.m. outside his swanky Ocean apartment building at 1 West St. in the Financial District, according to Fox News. Apparently, he jumped and died after his body struck a guardrail, narrowly missing a black Honda sport utility vehicle.

The impact from the investment banker’s fatal leap to his death caused a ripple of panic among motorists and pedestrians. Onlookers were in shock at the man’s crumpled body that lay in the street. Parking garage manager, Hans Peler, 48, spoke to reporters about the suicidal jump.

“I went outside, and the woman in the car was screaming, ‘I didn’t know where he came from!’ It happened right in front of our guy who waves cars in with the flag. He was so shaken up, I told him to go home.”

One person on the scene of the investment banker’s death was severely shaken by the man’s fatal jump. Reportedly, they worked nearby and had to be sent home after viewing the grisly site of the man’s body and finding blood spatter on their shirt. Others described allegedly seeing body parts and vehicles possibly contacting the remains.

Mario Mroczkowski, another witness on the scene, described seeing the investment banker’s decapitated body. He, too, was shaken by the man’s bloody body.

“I got close, but when I looked, all I saw were body parts… guts everywhere.”

Reportedly, in wake of the “London Whale” trading scandal, a dozen or so financial professionals around the world committed suicide in 2014. It’s unknown if the banker deaths are related to federal investigations and indictments.

However, mental health professionals are puzzled over the terminal methods used; most of the suicides involved leaping from tall buildings. Moreover, many bankers did not leave behind notes to loved ones.

On potentially what caused the investment banker to jump to his death, his father John Hughes, believes he knows the answer. He said his son was financially secure and “had everything he could want.” However, in his opinion, he was depressed and suffering in silence.

“Thomas was a happy, jovial, successful, good looking, very sociable individual. The only explanation is that I know he’s been working very hard and has been under a lot of pressure. His work did not leave much time for enjoyment but that’s the nature of the assignment that he chose. I also know that sometimes when one is in that environment you can turn to alcohol or other types of drugs…”

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